You Are Here- Late Night Edition

Tucker was straight fire tonight- calling out the useless traitor Republicans along with Trump's feckless response to the country burning... daguvernor@daguvernor1h·@Heartiste I grew up in Stockton Ca. 1953-1977. We would ride our bicycles downtown to where the hobos and drunks hung out. At 12 yrs old, it was completely safe. Now, no children ride... Continue Reading →

Mid Day Discussion 6-17-20

IG Farben – ICI – AstraZenaca Gear Up for Mass Global Vaccination Extermination From explosives and gas chamber Zyklon-B to Pirbright coronaviruses and 5G urban extermination microwave ovens, these companies have been in business to do one thing – GLOBAL GENOCIDE. When they failed to exterminate enough undesirables in WWII, they modified their plans and started... Continue Reading →

Conservatism has conserved nothing

The denial to hear the 2A cases is probably the most egregious 'non-action' taken today. Some commentary from the article: 53. UnknownJune 15, 2020 9:05 PM Conservatives are just liberals doing the speed limit. How long until conservatives are burning down buildings and beating whites for justice? What a joke. 55. Colonel BlimpJune 15, 2020... Continue Reading →

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