You Are Here- Late Night Edition

Tucker was straight fire tonight- calling out the useless traitor Republicans along with Trump's feckless response to the country burning... daguvernor@daguvernor1h·@Heartiste I grew up in Stockton Ca. 1953-1977. We would ride our bicycles downtown to where the hobos and drunks hung out. At 12 yrs old, it was completely safe. Now, no children ride... Continue Reading →

You Are Here- Mid Day Edition

NYC Nurse Whistleblower: Patients Are Not Dying From Coronavirus, They Are Being “Murdered” By “Gross Negligence And Complete Medical Mismanagement.” Cro-Magnon1215@CroMagnon121517h·After the Prime Minister of Hungary announced financial support for each new marriage and each child born from it, there has been a significant increase in both marriages and children... Continue Reading →

You Are Here 6-19-20

The Supreme Court is the Source of this Civil Unrest Americans Should Never Again Comply With Pandemic Lockdown Orders Operation Vampire Killer A U.S. POLICE ACTIONPURPOSE The Police Officers, National Guardsmen and military officers who have contributed to this special publication are aware of a plan to overthrow the Constitutional Republic of... Continue Reading →

You Are Here- evening edition- 6-18-20

Here are ten alternatives to Google search: Searx – A privacy-friendly and versatile metasearch engine that’s also open source.MetaGer – An open source metasearch engine with good features, based in Germany.SwissCows – A zero-tracking private search engine based in Switzerland, hosted on secure Swiss infrastructure.Qwant – A private search engine based in France.DuckDuckGo – A... Continue Reading →

You are here- part 2- 6-18-20

The Postmodern War on America United Nations Now Muscling In on U.S. Police Reform Dutchman says: June 18, 2020 at 12:35 pm I believe its time for us to acknowledge, WE’VE BEEN HAD!Specifically, the oft repeated notion regarding the filling of Federal Judiciary with “Conservative” Judges. Its yet another “Con”, and... Continue Reading →

Mid Day Discussion 6-17-20

IG Farben – ICI – AstraZenaca Gear Up for Mass Global Vaccination Extermination From explosives and gas chamber Zyklon-B to Pirbright coronaviruses and 5G urban extermination microwave ovens, these companies have been in business to do one thing – GLOBAL GENOCIDE. When they failed to exterminate enough undesirables in WWII, they modified their plans and started... Continue Reading →

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