You Are Here 10-12-20

Plugging The PCR Test Into The C19 Panic-Mongering Picture know, the test revealing all the alleged "cases" now being used as the rationale for continuing to extend the two-week "curve flattening" impositions of "lockdown", masking, "social distancing", etc... LET'S START WITH a little review. To begin with, let's remember that "flattening the curve" was... Continue Reading →

The Key to Everything They that unlocks the Trump Derangemant Syndrome. If this information becomes public, the outcry will destroy the deep state / Dem party / media forever. The problem is that most people cannot comprehend this level of evil and treasonous activities.

You Are Here 7-21-20

battle the lie, refute the narrative, do not let up, defeat is not an option... Right Here, Right Now: The Takedown of the Cabal's Evil Plan The Great Covid-19 Deception and What You Need to Know to Survive This article has two purposes. First, it’s imperative that you understand the great deceit that... Continue Reading →

You Are Here 7-17-20

Supplemental memes and perspectives to enrich your news experience and add ammo to counter the lies... Somewhere between the headlines lies the truth. Is E8 Lattice the True Nature of Reality? Or Theory of Everything? “According to Texas’s state budget, $61 billion is spent on K-12 public schools. This number does not take... Continue Reading →

You Are Here 7-14-20

Peeling back the curtain. Revealing the machinations. Vital resources to reclaim your freedom while debunking the narrative. Stand or succumb. Reject your enslavement. Retiring the Old Guard with Extreme Prejudice – a Bid for Sanity (Free) The Queen is gone. The Federal Reserve may be too along with the old US government. Is it possible... Continue Reading →

You Are Here 7-13-20

A light house of truth in a sea of lies. Ammo to counter the narrative... Humanity at the Crossroads Connecting the Dots to Our Brave New World Larry Romanoff Humankind is at a cusp, a point of transition between two different states of governance and existence. The world today is like a sack being slowly... Continue Reading →

You Are Here 7-10-20 JFK called Biden a traitor: The Science is Conclusive: Masks and Respirators do NOT Prevent Transmission of Viruses Dr. Denis G Rancourt, PhDresearchgate.netMon, 20 Apr 2020 20:47 UTC Second wave? Not even close. Why did politicians ever lockdown society in the first place? Can we all agree that the stated purpose was to... Continue Reading →

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