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Ammo to counter the narrative…

Humanity at the Crossroads Connecting the Dots to Our Brave New World

Larry Romanoff

Humankind is at a cusp, a point of transition between two different states of governance and existence. The world today is like a sack being slowly filled while the string around the opening is pulled increasingly tighter to prevent the contents from escaping confinement. The shadows of this future are everywhere to be seen but even the keenest of observers tend to view the portents not as the warnings they are, but instead regard all these pieces of one despairing puzzle as disconnected and unrelated events. In this essay, we will take a look at where our world is going, how it is going there, and why it is going there.

This guy gets it. Well worth a watch:

4 mysterious objects spotted in deep space are unlike anything ever seen

Malcolm X and Yuri Bezmenov

Malcolm X (United States civil rights leader, 1963

“The white liberal differs from the white conservative only in one way: the liberal is more deceitful/more hypocritical than the conservative. Both want power, but the white liberal is the one who has perfected the art of posing as the negro’s friend and benefactor. By winning the friendship and support of the negro the white liberal is able to use the negro as a pawn or a weapon in this political football game that is constantly being waged between the negro and the white conservative. The American negro is nothing but a political football and the white liberals control this ball through tricks or tokenism, false promises of integration and civil rights. In this game of deceiving the American negro the white liberals have complete cooperation of the negro civil rights leaders who sell our people out for a few crumbs or token gains.”

Four Stages of Marxist Takeover: The Accuracy of Yuri Bezmenov The journalist and Soviet defector long ago pegged the current left-wing moment.

DavisH@DavisH··@stefanmolyneux As a member of the last generation to grow up before the internet became widespread (i turned 18 in the mid-90s), I think I can say the benefits of the internet were not worth the costs. It empowered left wing lynch mobs, made porn ubiquitous, extended the work day around the clock, encouraged rampant consumerism and destroyed small businesses, allows for most of our activities to be easily monitored, etc.

RebelACole tweets: This is a scandal begging for press coverage:

333 FL Covid Testing labs reported 100% positive tests today in State Report for 3,528 tests.

That is 34% of today’s 10,360 new cases.

Without these, today’s “percent positive” would fall from 12.6% to 8.7%.

Read the Florida Labs Reporting, July 11, 2020

The Einstein Fraud

The propagandistic myth of genius that was constructed around Albert Einstein is rapidly crumbling:

One of the greatest mythical frauds in history is that of Albert Einstein, the famous physicist who invented the Theory of Relativity, E=mc² and so many other esoteric things. But this is all fabrication. The claims about Einstein inventing any theory of relativity, or light and photons, or time, are false. Almost every claim – almost everything – attributed to Einstein is simply a lie. Einstein was an inept who contributed nothing original to the field of quantum mechanics, nor any other science. Far from being a competent physicist, he once even flatly denied that the atom could be split and, much later, admitted that the idea of a chain reaction in fissile material “had never occurred to me”.

Einstein was a third-class clerk at the government patent office in Bern, and never progressed beyond this level even with years of experience. By all contemporary reports, Einstein wasn’t even an accomplished mathematician. It has been well documented that much of the mathematical content of Einstein’s so-called theories were well beyond his ability. Walter Isaacson, president of the Aspen Institute, stated that Einstein’s first wife Mileva Marić was a “Serbian physicist who had helped him with (his) math . . .” Other prominent scientists have made the claim that his wife did most of his math for him.

Henri Poincaré was the foremost expert on relativity in the late 19th century and the first person to formally present the theories, having published more than 30 books and over 500 papers on the topics. Extensive documentation exists that Einstein and his associates had studied Poincaré’s theories and mathematics for years, yet when Einstein published his almost wholly-plagiarised versions he made no reference whatever to these other works.

In the accepted historical account, Einstein is credited with having written the correct field equations for general relativity, an enormous falsehood. It is an undisputed fact that David Hilbert sent Einstein a draft of his work (which had already been submitted for publication), containing precisely these equations, evidenced by the existence of a letter from Einstein to Hilbert thanking him for doing so. Yet a few weeks later, Einstein delivered a public speech of Hilbert’s work, claiming full credit for the derivation of Hilbert’s equations. Similarly, E=mc², the famous equation relating mass, energy, and the speed of light, had been published several times by Italian physicist Olinto De Pretto, long before Einstein was suddenly given credit for it. In multiple thorough reviews of scientific literature, prominent scientists have unanimously stated that there is “absolutely nothing to connect Einstein to the derivation of this formula.”

Einstein’s papers, theories, mathematics, documentation, were almost 100% plagiarised from others. He combined the prior published works of several people into one paper and claimed ownership of all of it. His so-called theories were nothing more than a composition encompassing the prior work of men like James Maxwell, Hendrik Lorentz, Joseph Larmor, Olinto De Pretto, Robert Brown, Ludwig Boltzmann, Friedrich Hasenöhrl, and many more.

In a paper he wrote in 1907, in part responding to (already-virulent) accusations of plagiarism, Einstein declared that plagiarism was perfectly acceptable as a form of ethical research, stating “… the nature [of physics is] that what follows has already been partly solved by other authors. I am [therefore] entitled to leave out a thoroughly pedantic survey of the literature…”[6][7][8] In other words, scientists all build on each others’ work, so Einstein could freely compile the work of everyone before him and re-present it as his own, with no obligation to even mention them or their work. His view of ethical science was like building a tower where each person adds one stone and, if I add the last stone, I not only take credit for the entire design and construction of the tower, but I own the building.

Perhaps the most damning evidence was when in 1953 Sir Edmund Whittaker published a very detailed account of the origin and development of all these theories and equations of physics, with extensive reference to the primary sources, documenting beyond doubt that Einstein had no priority in any of it, and clearly stating so. Einstein was alive and well when Whittaker published his book, yet he offered no dispute to the conclusions, no refutation of Whittaker’s claim that he (Einstein) had been irrelevant to the entire process. Einstein made no attempts in his own defense but simply hid in the bushes and refused to make any public comment whatever.[9]

Einstein was almost certainly the greatest fraud and plagiarist in modern science, an unashamed intellectual thief but, according to sources like Wikipedia, this is all just a minor “priority dispute” about who said what first in the realm of relativity physics. These sources misleadingly imply that several people made a discovery independently and more or less simultaneously, and we are simply debating who went public first. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Wikipedia is renowned as being virtually useless as an information source due to widespread ideological bias and censorship.

Einstein was Jewish and had the support of the Jewish-controlled media who conspired to create yet another historical myth. His fame and popularity today, his status as a hero of the scientific world, are due only to decades of a well-planned force-feeding of the Einstein myth to the masses by the media. The propaganda machine simply airbrushed out of the history books all the physicists who formulated these theories, and credited everything to Einstein. Without the extravagant generations-long PR and propaganda campaign, Einstein would have remained in the dustbin of obscurity where he belongs.

There are many Einstein apologists who produce reams of heavily-documented irrelevancies masquerading as proof, items such as a schoolmate who claimed “the flight of his mathematical genius was so high that I could no longer follow.” Many scientists and scientific historians know the truth of all this, and the accurate historical record is readily available, but many appear afraid to speak out for fear of damaging their careers.

I always had my doubts about Einstein’s so-called “genius” after reading a few of his writings; his thinking simply didn’t exhibit any evidence of high, let alone superlative, intelligence. But lacking any rationale for why anyone would bother to construct a myth around a single individual, I simply assumed that he was strong in some areas and normal in others.

It wasn’t until I kept seeing judeochristians repeatedly pointing to Einstein and various Nobel Prize winners as proof of their own ethnic superiority, combined with the absolutely unjustified lionization of literary mediocrities such as Philip Roth and Saul Bellow, that I began to understand why the Einstein Myth had been constructed, and to pay attention to the scientific history that completely undermined his fraudulent claims to genius. It’s stupid, really. Why build up fake figures like Einstein instead of celebrating the accomplishments of legitimate geniuses from their tribe, such as Martin van Creveld?

But the 20th Century judeochristian propagandists are hardly the only ones to have built up obviously false myths around famous individuals. As Larry Romanoff points out, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, and the Wright Brothers are three previous frauds that served a similar role as elements in the construction of the mythology concerning American ingenuity.

Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.
C.S. Lewis

Apex Predator

Apex Predator Reply to  MemeWarVet 6 hours ago

As someone who has been in almost that exact identical position- i.e. someone coming to seize my weapons because of racist district attorneys pushing racial politics into their search warrants, question for you…

What SHOULD they have done? Gone out guns blazing with the army of cops that likely showed up to execute the warrant? It is incredibly easy to run your mouth until you have had the 4 am no-knock or even the day time regular knock with a dozen heavily armed men there to carry out a ‘lawful order’.

This is the part that always makes me laugh about the 2A LARPers. ‘Out of my cold dead hands!!11!” and you see them out at these COVID protests recently LARPing in full gear. The cops show up and in the next frame you see them on their knees cuffed and disarmed.

The people in control aren’t stupid and they have all the time in the world. There will not, and was never, going to be mass door-to-door seizures. You do it quietly a few at a time over many years and one day people wake up and nobody has access to arms anymore. And furthermore, you have a population that is so cowed and fearful that if they even know you own a weapon, they will call the authorities and say your mere ownership “makes them feel unsafe” (this is the magic word now to destroy anyone for any reason). And you will be immediately stripped of that weapon under an ERPO (Red Flag) order.

More clear now???

plato_spaghetti Reply to  Apex Predator 20 minutes ago

Thank you. I’ve been trying to tell people this for decades. We are losing our 2A state by state, magazine by magazine, round by round. There are few places left where “shall not be infringed” is even close to being intact. Soon we will be the UK, and soon enough Venezuela. I’m willing to die fighting tyranny (not just regarding guns), but it’s a futile gesture to do that alone. The call to arms that our founding fathers answered, will never happen. But I wish there were at least an equivalent of the French Resistance to join. War is horrible. Oppression is worse.

The Wild Geese Howard Reply to  sentry 8 hours ago

DIE-versity means chasing down the last white woman and colonizing her womb with non-white seed.

sentry Reply to  Apex Predator 5 hours ago

ugly feminists hate pretty white women, they wanna see them raped by freaks so they propagate ideas that would get white women in trouble.

REX 2020 says: July 12, 2020 at 6:49 pm

Masonry is a good analog for Jews. Part was good. Part bad. Obedient Israelites under Torah were great, very few still are. The Talmud led them astray from the Torah. So deep was the deception that the priests of Canaan, who became Rabbis, had to call the Talmud “Oral Torah” to enhance it’s legitimacy.

Now please understand, the Torah is good. It’s God’s law. Don’t Steal, Don’t Lie, Don’t rape, Don’t murder. Don’t worship idols. Don’t screw animals. Women should be virgins when they marry. That’s Torah. It’s good. How could you be against that? Only a filthy subhuman degenerate animal would be against that.

The Talmud hypocritically reinterprets these, takes away punishments and allows horrible things to be done so long as they aren’t “found out”. It also abrogates/reinterprets the Mosaic Covenant of Mt. Sinai. The Talmud implies that Almighty God can be fooled.

Freemasons are another great example of this. Many of the founding Fathers of the United States were freemasons. George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, Paul Revere, John Adams, John Hancock, Samuel Adams, John Paul Jones, James Monroe- among others.

They liked freedom and human liberty. Compulsion was abhorrent to the them, it’s why they rebelled against the Crown of Britain. Compulsion also would have been rejected by our Savior Jesus Christ. Jesus did not force or compel people to be good. He wants them to choose to be good and to follow Him, under their own freewill.

The Catholic Church is an organization that throughout it’s history has attempted to “Compel” men and women to be good. What need is there for Jesus if you compel people to be good? What need is there for final judgment? It makes sense that they would oppose Freemasons.

Of course, something happened inside Masonry in the decades after the American Revolution. John Quincy Adams left and joined the Anti-Masonic Party after his Presidency. Many great Americans left the order and did other things and opposed masonry’s expansion. Something spooked them big time.

I suspect foreign elements (French/Cabal masons) from the French revolution penetrated American freemasonry and refocused adherents away from Almighty God and towards a “Creator”. Since creators also build, they attached to the first major builder, Nimrod, who opposed God and built the Tower of Babel. These where the seeds of Globalism. George Washington even warned us to avoid “entangling alliances”, which recent Freemasonry made impossible. George Washington would not have remained a Freemason after 1830 had he lived.

Post 1830 Freemasonry took all the symbols of Freemasonry and used them. Just like the Canaanites took the Torah and negated it with the Talmud while calling the Talmud “Oral Torah”. They converged these and wore them like a skin suit (Vox Day’s words). Cabal is the force doing this to every good and decent organization.

In summary. Nimrod, Cabal, Talmud, Compulsion, post 1830 Masons, Globalism, Catholicism and “Do as thou will” oppose Almighty God and his work and glory.

Jesus Christ, Torah, pre-1830 American Masons, Nationalism, Freewill, Apostolic Christianity and “Choose the Right” all support Almighty God and his work and glory.

Comment over at UNZ hit me square in the jaw:

“I am going to say this again (and again and again): there are programs on Youtube today which are a manifestation of this, but packaged as “erotic hypnosis”. Delightfully presented so that just mentioning this is equivalent to “my neighbor is using laser beams against my hamster”, but it’s actually happening.

“Bambi Sleep” literally develops a secondary tulpa personality and then encourages it to take over. It is marketed as a fun experience. The experiment is ongoing, and takes various forms, many of which are now online. The current transgender hysteria, and overall BDSM holiness, only help hide the experiments within a field that it is “forbidden” to examine closely. They both get to produce and examine results, and to make it impossible for anyone else to interfere or even just examine what exactly is happening and how.

Imagine a program that first “relaxes you”, i.e. takes down your mental defenses and takes control of your non-voluntary bodily functions, and then, through use of dopamine triggers addicts you to itself, and changes you more and more with every listen, rewiring cognition and behavior and cementing it through dopamine hits. But it’s not one episode but twenty, and not one program but a hundred, and by the time you’ve gone through the cycle you’re reprogrammed and your family and friends are supposed to accept what happened on blind faith, or “be evil fascists”.

Imagine how sooner or later everyone has a vulnerable moment when a sad song on the radio or a scene in a film makes us “change our lives”, now imagine a hypno program intruding at this very moment and instantly begin overwriting the personality.

This “crowdcourced” experiment all over the Internet, is something that absolutely everyone on the left and on the right is super keen to pretend isn’t happening, and at best quip something about “hypnosis isn’t real and you only do what you want to do”.

Well then, boys and girls, if that’s your answer, than MKULTRA is also harmless, because “hypnosis isn’t real and you only do what you want to do”. And the current new generation automated programs that take over the listener/viewer and guide them through dopamine addiction how to continue programming themselves over months and years are also harmless because “hypnosis isn’t real and you only do what you want to do”.

Have you ever wondered how humanity could pretend for so long that all sorts of obvious things “aren’t really happening”? This is you. This is you now. Bambi Sleep isn’t happening, Samantha Sez isn’t happening, Queue Balls isn’t happening.

There is no 10% real stuff hidden in the 90% hack work in hypno porn. In fact, all mp3 audio websites and video porn websites being gradually taken over by hypno porn during the last 1-2 years totally didn’t happen. MindGeek the corporation does not control all of it. None of this is happening.
Your kids will not be hacked by such conditioning and brainwashing programs floating freely through the web, because “hypnosis isn’t real and you only do what you want to do”.

They do not combine perfectly with the previous layer of getting all smart kids on pills in order to “calm them down” and “make them jolly”. It does not produce a generation which sees “liberty” as “the freedom to totally submit”. You do realize that this is the shift in the West today? Erasing political liberties while expanding “dopamine liberties” and claiming that the old political liberties are fascist, while the new anal liberties are real freedom?

At least think of it academically. The techniques that condition and brainwash society over generations are the same as those that condition and brainwash an individual over weeks and months. Study the latter, then simply expand them in time and you’ll see how they accomplished the former. Let this at least be the initial curiosity that’ll help admit what is happening.”

Where the Hell Is John Durham?

Trump has every right to be enraged that four years after Barack Obama’s top henchmen concocted and executed the biggest political scandal of all time, not one person has been held criminally responsible while trials against his associates drag on.

COVID-19 update: Though deaths up slightly, CDC says outbreak no longer qualifies as epidemic

From Anonymous Conservative:

Now we are pretending there’s a national coin shortage so we go cashless. I think I may actually have gotten caught by a variation of this getting groceries just before these stories hit. I checked out, broke out my wallet and began to pull out cash, and the girl behind the counter said, “Oh, is it possible you could use a credit card? I don’t have any small bills to change, and I’d have to go refill.” For a brief moment the question “How the fuck do you not have change in a register when your purpose as a cashier is to make change?” flashed through my mind, but she seemed like a nice girl, I was in a rush and didn’t want to stand around, and it seemed plausible if the transactions worked out just right she might have used up her small bills, so I broke out the credit card. But it is interesting to me now that I got a different story about her not having small bills in that moment, while nationally they are going with the national coin shortage tale. And the policy seems to be getting implemented by the cashiers, who have been read in on the plan.

Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of liberal Black Lives Matter activists are tormenting the teenage daughter of a slain police officer on social media. Not clear to me if they are genuinely this deranged, to lash out at this little girl mourning her father, or if this is a production by Cabal’s ground forces reading a script to foster a narrative.

Epoch Times says China has waged a campaign of unrestricted warfare to infiltrate every aspect of American Society. Is Cabal run by China? I tend to think Cabal is ancient middle eastern and/or European, but can’t think offhand of evidence saying it definitely isn’t a Chinese operation today. Maybe Chinese intel wasn’t infiltrated by Cabal decades back, spotted it, and managed to infiltrate and take it over. Whatever the root, from Strzok, to Hillary, to Feinstein, people in this country have sold out the country’s principles and its Constitution to be on what seemed the winning side. And often, as with Feinstein, there was China, blatantly right at the nexus of the corruption. Could be.

Trump foes are promising to target a massive enemies list of all Trump supporters, if Trump doesn’t win in November. Your life will depend on that election.

NYT ID’d the career Homeland Security bimbo who decided she didn’t agree with the President’s policy on rescinding DACA, so she didn’t fill out the paperwork fully, and that caused the Supreme Court loss on it. Now she is trying to sabotage the President with Puerto Rico by peddling a story about him wanting to sell Puerto Rico.

A package of data and videos on the FGC-9 3D printed 9mm pistol, with written documentation here.

Man arrested for human trafficking wearing a Wayfair shirt in his mugshot:,-narcotics-ring-bust-nets-local-man.html

Nels says: July 13, 2020 at 9:48 am

Unrestricted warfare – reminds me of the assassin cult, weaseling their way in to get close & assassinate. China’s doing it with simple bribery, but wouldn’t put it past them to do the occasional wet work.

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