You Are Here 7-11-20

Wayfair caught promoting human trafficking on their website?

First-Ever Peer-Reviewed Study of Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated Children Shows Vaccinated Kids Have a Higher Rate of Sickness, 470% Increase in Autism

CONFIRMED: President Trump Commutes Sentence of Roger Stone – “Roger Stone Is Now a Free Man”…

Did The Supreme Court REALLY Give Half of Oklahoma to Native Americans?

The decision was correct

It’s fascinating to see “rule of law” conservatives decrying the Supreme Court decision to honor an 1833 Indian treaty that was never abrogated and is still in force:

Florida’s State Code Would Allow Authorities to Force Shots into Kids By Any Means Necessary

This is medical tyranny.

And I Present to you the Libertarian Party Candidate for President:

Occult Ritual Transformation and Coronavirus: How Mask Wearing, Hand Washing, “Social Separation” and Lockdowns Are Age-Old Occult Rituals Being Used to Initiate People Into a New Global Order

Paul says: July 10, 2020 at 3:32 pm

Fake News or Real News that Barr/Durham may wait until after the Election to Implement Justice.

PDJT has a duty to Act Immediately with this Fake/Real News.

Barr/Durham better Implement Justice within 60-days.

If Barr/Durham fails to Implement Justice within 60-Days, President Trump is 100% responsible.

PDJT had “Many Opportunities” to Implement Justice, the list is long, implied by Judicial Watch, Lou Dobbs and many others, and the Opportunities have been seen by everyone.

PDJT could have Managed the FBI and DOJ directly.

PDJT had/has a duty to work directly with Barr, ask “Daily Penetrating Questions, and Oversee Justice.

PDJT had a duty to implement 3-Prosecution Teams if necessary, working 24 hours around the clock to Implement Justice by the end of summer or sooner. The Entire Planet is at Risk.

PDJT knows the Entire Country and the World depends on Indictments and that he is 100% responsible. Any CEO of any company would have Micro-Managed Justice, especially if the on-going concern of the Company was at Risk.

PDJT is 100% responsible and has a duty to be 100% involved today, given the Fake/Real News of a possible delay, until after the election.

George Washington would have Micro-Managed the FBI and DOJ like he Organized and Managed a small volunteer force of citizen farmers, Creating a Continental Army out of Nothing and Rallied them to stand against the Most Powerful Military on Earth.

I believe Implementing Justice is as important as George Washington crossing the Delaware River and seized Trenton and forcing the most powerful empire on the planet at Yorktown to surrender.

Victor Davis Hansen: (Not Exact Words)
The People want this over (civil war) and will do one of two things. I’m talking about the Swing Voters and Independents in these key states are going to want it over, and if President Trump takes Control, and there is a lot of people who don’t want him to, he has the military that is hesitant, blue governors etc.

Victor Davis Hansen also implied “One Component” to Winning is Federal Indictments. IMO Indictments will bring in millions of new voters (educate the uniformed) to offset Illegal Voting and is the “ONLY WAY” to Win this Legal Civil War. Justice has been PDJT Nuclear Weapon since November 2016 and has “Planned” this moment for Justice for over 3-years. The Globalist/Coup/Criminals has tried to block PDJT from implementing Justice for over 3-years.

Victor Davis Hansen: if he doesn’t (Take Control) the American Swing voter will go into a fetal position, make it all go away, they will come to the wrong conclusion thinking Biden’s victory will pacify the left, in fact it will encourage them.

LOU DOBBS: President Trump continues to tweet/talk about the efforts of the intelligence community, Justice Department and the FBI, elements of all to overthrow the President.

LOU DOBBS: Let be straight forward…we have an election coming up in less than 4-months, “IF THIS ISN’T RESOLVED” if we don’t know who is charged, and if there is no-one charged going into that election, this A/G AND “PRESIDENT TRUMP HIMSELF WILL BE RESPONSIBLE” for permitting, the radical dimms and the deep state, to steel another election, just like they did, in 2018, and that is unthinkable that would occur.

I have agreed with Lou Dobbs recent Implied Statement since November 2016; President Trump Himself is Responsible for Implementing Justice

IMO; PDJT will 100% Win 2020 Presidential Election.

I 100% BELIEVE President Trump did not Educate and Show the America people the Globalist 25-Year Plan to Convert the U.S. into a 3rd World Country, Corruption with Evidence and not do his Sworn Duty of Implementing Justice to destroy the Globalist Plan (Impossible).

PDJT knows (since Nov. 2016) the Corruption (Criminal Acts) allowed the Globalist (their Nuclear Weapon) to try and Convert the U.S. into a 3rd World Country.

PDJT knows Justice is the only way to Win this Legal Civil War and save the U.S. and the World.

President Trump is 200% responsible for Justice and will Implement Justice.

Winston says: July 10, 2020 at 3:33 pm

I no longer think this is accidental. Destroying Trump’s accomplishments in an election year and generating the ongoing neo-Marxist revolt in the US are just too convenient for the CCP to be accidental. I pray that this backfires on them.

This gal simply presents evidence that verifies rumors heard from Taiwanese doctors LONG ago.

Chinese Virologist Flees Hong Kong, Accuses Beijing Of COVID-19 Cover-Up
10 Jul 2020

A highly respected Chinese virologist has fled Hong Kong and says that the Chinese government knew about COVID-19 long before they claim they did, and that her supervisors – some of the top experts in the field – ignored research she was conducting at the onset of the pandemic which she says could have saved lives, according to an exclusive interview with Fox News.

Yan’s mainland colleagues – one of whom worked at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, allegedly told Yan on December 31 that the virus was transmissible between humans long before the CCP or the WHO reversed course and admitted this was possible. After she told her boss of this, “he just nodded,” she says.

Days after her CCP contacts told her about human-to-human transmission, the WHO put out a statement on January 9 saying: “According to Chinese authorities, the virus in question can cause severe illness in some patients and does not transmit readily between people… There is limited information to determine the overall risk of this reported cluster.”


This confirms the very early spread:

Italy Had Coronavirus in Sewage as Early as December, Study Says
June 19, 2020

The coronavirus was present in Milan and Turin’s sewage systems as early as December, two months before the first Covid-19 cases were detected in Italy, a new study shows.

“Traces of SARS-Cov-2 have been found in samples of waste water taken in Milan and Turin on Dec. 18 and in Bologna on Jan. 29,” said Giuseppina La Rosa, who led the research for a coming study from the country’s ISS National Health Institute. “More traces were detected in other test samples through January and February.”

Images at link:

Satellite data suggests coronavirus may have hit China earlier: Researchers
Researchers say surge in cars at hospitals may indicate outbreak in fall of 2019.
June 8, 2020

Dramatic spikes in auto traffic around major hospitals in Wuhan last fall suggest the novel coronavirus may have been present and spreading through central China long before the outbreak was first reported to the world, according to a new Harvard Medical School study.

Using techniques similar to those employed by intelligence agencies, the research team behind the study analyzed commercial satellite imagery and “observed a dramatic increase in hospital traffic outside five major Wuhan hospitals beginning late summer and early fall 2019,” according to Dr. John Brownstein, the Harvard Medical professor who led the research.

Brownstein, an ABC News contributor, said the traffic increase also “coincided with” elevated queries on a Chinese internet search for “certain symptoms that would later be determined as closely associated with the novel coronavirus.”

Though Brownstein acknowledged the evidence is circumstantial, he said the study makes for an important new data point in the mystery of COVID-19’s origins.

“Something was happening in October,” said Brownstein, the chief innovation officer at Boston Children’s Hospital and director of the medical center’s Computational Epidemiology Lab. “Clearly, there was some level of social disruption taking place well before what was previously identified as the start of the novel coronavirus pandemic.”


On the origin of the virus:

SARS-CoV-2 – The most logical explanation is that it comes from a laboratory
2 Jul 2020

Excerpts from article. Technical details omitted:

The well-known Norwegian virologist Birger Sørensen and his colleagues have examined the corona virus. They believe it has certain properties which would not evolve naturally. These conclusions are politically controversial, but in this interview he shares the findings behind the headlines.

“We have examined which components of the virus are especially well suited to attach themselves to cells in humans. And we have done this by comparing the properties of the virus with human genetics. What we found was that this virus was exceptionally well adjusted to infect humans.”

He pauses for a second.

“So well that it was suspicious,” he adds.

“There are several factors that point towards this,” says Sørensen. “Firstly, this part of the virus is very stable; it mutates very little. That points to this virus as a fully developed, almost perfected virus for infecting humans.

“Secondly, this indicates that the structure of the virus cannot have evolved naturally. When we compare the novel coronavirus with the one that caused SARS, we see that there are altogether six inserts in this virus that stand out compared to other known SARS viruses,” he goes on explaining.

Sørensen says that several of these changes in the virus are unique, and that they do not exist in other known SARS coronaviruses.

“Four of these six changes have the property that they are suited to infect humans. This kind of aggregation of a type of property can be done simply in a laboratory, and helps to substantiate such an origin,” Sørensen points out.

Sørensen is therefore quite confident that the virus has originated in a laboratory.

“I think it’s more than 90 percent certain. It’s at least a far more probable explanation than it having developed this way in nature”, Sørensen responds.

Sørensen also highlights other data than those related to the virus’ properties:

“The properties that we now see in the virus, we have yet to discover anywhere in nature. We know that these properties make the virus very infectious, so if it came from nature, there should also be many animals infected with this, but we have still not been able to trace the virus in nature.

“The only place we are aware of where an equivalent virus to that which causes Covid-19 exists, is in a laboratory. So the simplest and most logical explanation is that it comes from a laboratory. Those who claim otherwise, have the burden of proof,” Sørensen says.

July 10, 2020 at 3:46 pm

Oops, forgot to include this highly significant bit: Mobile Phone Activity From Wuhan Lab Suggests ‘Possible Shutdown’ In OCTOBER Due To ‘Hazardous Event’
11 May 2020 An intelligence report conducted by private analysts and presented to the US Senate intelligence committee suggests that there may have been a “hazardous event” at the Wuhan Institute of Virology between October 6 and 11, during which time roadblocks were put in place to prevent traffic from coming to the facility, according to the report obtained by NBC News. The 24-page report includes an analysis of phone data from around the institute, including a pattern analysis of devices that frequent the WIV, show no mobile phone activity from October 7 to 24 The analysis shows that device traffic “in and around the WIV in the months prior to October was consistent,” but that “Beginning on October 11th, there was a substantial decrease in activity,” suggesting that the ‘window for incident’ was October 6th – 11th. “During this time, it is believed that roadblocks were put in place to prevent traffic from coming near the facility.”

Genocide is coming to America

Frog-Niggurath@starphibian1d·The left is now sacking cities, carving up territory, and reducing the population to helotry. All without a shot fired. The American people are effectively a conquered population, having lost a war fought with media illusions.

Here’s the thing though. Because the enemy’s victory has been based entirely on their control of illusion, their victory itself is illusory. Their victory rests on the conquered population continuing to agree that they won. There’s now a very brief window, during which the American people retain their arms, during which this can all be reversed.

All that has to happen is for them to snap out of it and realize that the terrorists pillaging their homeland are few in number and, what’s more, entirely composed of weak and stupid people.

Frog-Niggurath@starphibian2d·More evidence that COVID-19 targets the brain in a way no other coronavirus does.

Look, the rona isn’t particularly lethal. But it’s also weird as fuck. It doesn’t behave much like wild viruses. It’s genome looks like Frankenstein’s monster.

This thing is a bioweapon developed at Fort Detrick. From the low body count, we can conclude it wasn’t intended to cause mass death. The neurological effects point to a far more sinister set of design specifications.

Frog-Niggurath@starphibianJul 1·COVID-19 is a genetically engineered bioweapon. It was not designed for mass death, but as a means of introducing transgenes into the population that produce a very specific form of brain damage making people highly obedient.

The lockdown we all went through – and are still going through – was to prevent the spread of a mutant strain that has the opposite effect: it makes people disobedient.

Yes, this sounds crazy. But it is the only scenario that fits all of the known facts:

This young mother was out walking in Indianapolis when she got into a discussion or argument with some others about “black lives matter” vs. “all lives matter.”

So the men ambushed her. They shot her and now she’s dead.

The national media doesn’t give a shit.

Her name was Jessica Whitaker. She had a 3-year old son.

“Indianapolis woman shot dead, 2nd homicide along downtown canal in 1 week”

Must see video of Dr. Richard Bartlett of Midland, Texas talking about his 100% success rate of treating Covid19 patients with a very common, plentiful asthma medication. This medication has been successfully used in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan where social distancing is impossible, he says, and they have had very low deaths compared to their total population. The key is treating the symptoms when they appear and not waiting for the patient to get sicker.

He also says that there is NO REASON for the USA to stay locked down! There is NO REASON for a vaccine.

See Dr. Bartlett’s video here (before YouTube deletes it…)

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