Independence Day 2020

Personally- all of the black-pilled sentiments of late have largely been transmuted into a more optimistic prognosis for the future of our country and the upcoming election. I can actually begin to see a light starting to come into focus at the end of the very dark tunnel of deep-state hell that has ruled over this country for decades. There were 3 positive developments over the 4th of July Independence weekend that have restored some of the lost morale of the past 4 months:

Trumps soaring and Patriotic speech on July 4th Independence day; Ghisalene Maxwell arrested; and General Flynn confirming and validating the Q-anon movement with his video taking the oath to the Constitution and ending it with WWG1WGA…

Trump’s speech this past weekend is a reminder of how fortunate we are to have a Patriot in the White House during this time of crisis in our country and world at large. His speech bore the hallmark of true leadership- inspiring resolve, framing the battles ahead, while conveying the sentiment that we will prevail over the principalities of evil that seek total domination and enslavement to their demented crypto-marxist corporate oligarchy. I have to give him credit with the wisdom and restraint he has shown navigating through the treacherous waters of an ongoing coup, an act of war by China, the lies of the deepstate-media complex buoyed by intelligence and data from corrupt bureaucracies, multi-national corporations and gigantic industries of considerable power like the military industrial complex and big pharma.

He had to show the country how morally bankrupt and hopelessly corrupt these leftist movements truly are. You just know that he wanted to flex the powers of his Executive authority- and yet he resisted the bait to do so. People are waking up in droves.

Maxwell could very well be the lynch-pin that will take down the Satanic pedo elites from around the world. She might be more significant than Epstein. Will she be suicided?

And I have long suspected Flynn to be the brains and progenitor of the Q-anon movement. He had the right security clearances, knows where the bodies are buried, made enemies of the right people (just like Trump), and as a Patriot who took his oath seriously, would have the motive and incentive to fight back and expose the evils of the ruling classes. He will be playing a major role ahead in the upcoming mis-en-scene, no doubt.

I know the black-pilling will begin anew with ongoing plandemic shut-downs, a 2nd wave scare, more false flags, election integrity etc etc. But we must resist the schemes of these slaves of Satan. The only power they have is the power we give them. They rely on our lazy complacencies as sheeple. The mask mandates are a show of force- those of us who refuse to obey their authoritarian orders are now more easily identified as the outliers – now unmasking ourselves to the facial identification cameras embedded everywhere. We are no longer anonymous gray-men blending in with the crowd. Good. I stand in the righteous truth, unmasked for the world to see. I am not afraid anymore of these totalitarian sociopaths.

We Declare our Independence once again from these rulers and principalities of evil. We hold the moral high-ground because we align with a just and loving God. In war, morale is as important as any weapon system. Belief of victory must propel us forward in the battles ahead. These God-less power-addicted heathens will fall to our righteous stance in freedom and self-determination. They have had their time. Now it is ours.

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