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How Stupid Do They Think We Are?- Part II

Pretty stupid, indeed, it would seem, as the renewed C19 panic-mongering continues…

BY THE END OF THIS PAST JANUARY, AT LEAST, millions of Americans had been exposed to C19. As I have observed in relevant partelsewhere (on April 13):

“Social distancing” did nothing. At least, as far as stemming any spread of infection is concerned. [Same with masks.]

Long before the “six feet away” stuff [or masks] had become a 24/7 shamanistic drumbeat on every mainstream media outlet, Covid-19, purportedly even-more virulent than the flu, must have spread at least as far as had that more mundane, somehow not panic-inducing disease during the same time. Here is what that means:

By March 14 the US CDC estimated 38,000,000 to 54,000,000 cases of flu since October, 2019— just in the USA. The vast majority of those cases began during the same period that Covid-19 had reportedly been active at that point.

Thus, by March 16– BEFORE the “shelter in place” martial law impositions that sprang up like evil liberty, prosperity, and rule-of-law-destroying toadstools– it can confidently be concluded that far more than 36 – 51 million Americans had already been infected with Covid-19.

Understand, during the three month period prior to March 16, fully a billion people flew on airplanes from everywhere to everywhere— including tens of millions to all points in the USA from places like Wuhan, Italy, EVERYWHERE. Eventually there was a limited restriction on entry of travelers from Wuhan put in place, but it didn’t go into effect until January 31, only imposed a 14-day quarantine, and didn’t apply to US citizens or residents.

The next one (limiting entry from travelers from Iran) wasn’t until February 29. A few more concerning travel from certain places in Europe only went into effect March 14 (and another concerning Brazil took effect in late May).

Plainly, late March “shelter in place”, “social distancing” and “masking” edicts and other associated martial law impositions did nothing to mitigate whatever threat “the pandemic” presented. THEY WERE ALL TOO LATE TO KEEP THAT THREAT FROM BEING FULLY REALIZED.

So, with 36 – 51 million C19 cases going by March 16 (again, the day before the “shelter in place” nonsense began)– the bulk of them having run their dire course during the three prior months– how many deaths from C19 purportedly occurred during that period in the USA?


Yes, just 97. 

Look at the following table from the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics (the first column, with the figures in bold, is the only one that counts here):

36 – 51 million cases– which is to say, 36 – 51 million Americans infected with the disease– and only 97 deaths (and pretty much all of those in nursing homes, involving very old victims afflicted with co-morbidities). Hardly a horror-fest.

Want to dispute my infection-rate analysis? Fine. Go for it.

‘Cause here’s the thing: 97 dead isn’t even a significant case fatality rate, and isn’t justification for edicts concerning “shelter in place”, “social distancing”, “masking” or any other panicky citizen behavior or draconian governmental response if my numbers are off by an order of magnitude. Even at the lower end, that’d only be a death rate of .0027%!

NOW, AM I MAKING THIS CLEAR ENOUGH? We had three months of raging, totally-unchecked C19 infection on a massive scale in America, which produced only 97 deaths. Plainly, THIS IS NOT A VERY DANGEROUS DISEASE.

Numbers of declared C-19 deaths went up starting in Mid-March– despite no meaningful change in long-since-enormous infection rates. This happened for two intermingled reasons.

First, the CDC issued instructions to the medical profession to count practically everything but blunt-force trauma deaths as “C19 deaths”– first on March 4 and then reiterated on March 24 to overcome stubborn professional resistance to the bullshit directive (highlighting on both those docs is mine).

The second, related factor bumping up declared C19 deaths starting in Mid March has been the scandalous– in fact, heinously-criminal– adoption of deadly and deceptive practices in what came to be called “hot-spots”, such as New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Michigan, a handful of states which by themselves ended up producing more than 60% of all declared deaths from C19 as of June 27, 2020.

One of these outrageous, declared-C19-death-producing practices involves mingling sick, briefly-hospitalized elderly patients carrying whatever sent them to the hospital in the first place (which was always assumed to be C19) plus whatever they picked up while there with highly-vulnerable, often co-morbidity-afflicted populations in nursing homes. This practice allowed most of the subsequent routine deaths among the affected nursing home populations to be presumptively classified as C19 deaths (per the CDC guidelines discussed above), and probably increased the death rate at the same time.

Fully 42% of all allegedly C19 deaths in the USA have been from among nursing home populations.

More heinous still has been what some might call the murder– or at least negligent homicide– of assumed C19-infected patients in “hot spot” hospitals by misguided or outright irresponsible “treatments” known by medical staff and administrators alike to be death sentences. These particularly include the heavy sedation of the victim, followed by the installation of a “ventilator” by which the victim’s lungs are likely to become irreparably damaged over time, leading to death.

However, this “treatment” also leads to a massive subsidy, with the hospital which declares a patient to have C19 getting a, $8,000 Medicare premium over one diagnosed as having the normal coronavirus (the flu), and then an additional $26,000 if that patient is put on a ventilator. Talk about perverse incentives– and that’s just how things played out.

As latitude for classifying patients as C19 victims came on line per the “relaxed” CDC guidelines discussed above, the number of patents admitted with symptoms which could mean nothing but the common flu– a disease which the CDC believes had infected 38 – 54 million Americans by mid-March, remember– but who were automatically declared to have C19, even when tests said they did not, skyrocketed.

As the available supply of ventilators rose dramatically in late March, the death rate from declaredly C19 patients on whom they were immediately inflicted rose dramatically, too.*

Unsurprisingly (all this considered), from the point in mid-to-late-March in which all this came together we watched a total death rate of only 97– over three months combined– zoom up to 97 declared C19 deaths every hour-and-a-quarter.

It is on the basis of that palpably-fraudulent high-velocity death rate that illegal “shelter in place”, “stand by and watch your business crumble”, “social distancing”, “masking” and “massive inflationary ‘bailouts’ and subsidies” were imposed upon the better part of America. It is on the media-fanned panicky dread of the same fictional death threat for “too-hasty re-openings” or as a “second wave” that the same lunatic behaviors are being urged upon America once again.

But in light of the actual facts, who cares if there is a “second wave”? Is the insignificant threat of this mild disease worth the continuing destruction of your business, your job, your dignity and liberty, by way of your persistent surrender to these illegal edicts?

“Shelter in place”, “social distancing”, “masking” and other “lockdown” measures have saved you from nothing. They have merely tested the waters as to how far into self-destructive madness Americans can be driven by a cabal of corrupt politicians and presstitutes at the behest of the 1% who took advantage of the cover to loot the American economy of at least $2 trillion.

IN FACT, IF ANYTHING, “shelter in place”, “social distancing” and “masking” have cost all of us a great deal than just the raw economic, cultural and legal devastation they have delivered. A GREAT deal more.

Let’s start down this path with some background. Did you know that these notions are the product of a child’s science fair project? I’m serious.

In 2006, 14-year-old Laura Glass decided to create a computer model of how contagion spread as her project for the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in 2006. Her model reasonably showed that shutting down schools in which large numbers of kids were concentrated in close quarters 6-8 hours five days a week would slow the spread of any contagious agent which had appeared in the community– something for which a computer model was hardly necessary…

But it happened that George W. Bush was all geeked about epidemic preparedness at the time, having recently read a book on the subject, and Laura’s dad was a connected guy. He presented little Laura’s model to a couple of the folks W. had tasked with contingency planning and after a bit of this and that, “social distancing” and “shut downs” became official federal prescriptions. (You can get more on the story here.)

THIS’D ALL BE A PRETTY CUTE TALE if the policy built on 14-year-old Laura’s digital-age version of a papier-mâché volcano hadn’t recently served as the rationale for $trillions in deficit spending and inflation… Let’s not forget the loss of 20 million jobs, too, and the ruination of tens of thousands of small businesses and the meaningful rule of law.

(And all of that is just in the US. Little Laura’s model was applied elsewhere, as well– severing all manner of supply-chains and trade connections, the ultimate harm from which has yet to be seen.)

But wait; there’s much, much more…

In addition to all the aforementioned very bad things, the “official prescription” for coping with a pandemic also damages the immune systems of everyone– even those who do their best to NOT participate. First of all, social isolation severely damages the immune system on a deeply fundamental level, prompting system shutdowns and resource redirection which makes the victims highly vulnerable to– viruses, in particular.

Secondly, immune systems need external input– germs– from the environment, including other people, in order to stay healthy and strong. Isolation severely weakens those systems and renders people dangerously vulnerable to sickness from any and every coronavirus out there (and there are MANY), as well as every other pathogen.

This second point about immune systems presents an irony, in a way. The sheep following little Laura’s prescription are encouraged to pressure grown-ups by shaming them as “endangering others” due to not wearing the masks, etc..

The “endangering others” thing isn’t true as regards wearing masks and staying at home– if you have a mask and gloves on you’re not going to catch anything from me whether I’m wearing them or not. But the “endangering others” IS true of those who isolate themselves by those behaviors, and who therefore fail to contribute to the health of other people’s immune systems.

Both points about immune systems present yet another unfunny irony: If we see an unusual or unusually-serious disease eruption after “re-opening”, whether of C19 or otherwise, it will be because the panicky “shutdowns” have destroyed so many immune systems.

FURTHER, THE “PRESCRIPTION” PRODUCES social pathologies such as suicidesdomestic violence, addictions, and a hardening of government’s police-state mentality. It is also a petri dish for the cultivation of fake news needed to keep people cooperating despite their powerful instinctive recognition of the “prescription” as hideously harmful– much more than the threat against which it is intended to defend.

The “prescription” also keeps those who are sick out of care while their illness grows stronger and more dangerous as they “self-quarantine” before seeking help. And those needing care for other medical issues– cancer treatments, surgeries, and so forth– are simply made to wait, and to suffer the consequences.

In the end, the “prescription” emanating from little Laura Glass’s science fair computer model is likely to kill more Americans** than even the number falsely declared to be C19 fatalities.

IT’S A SIMPLE DEFECT OF ALL hubristic reliance on computer models for policy. The model can’t account for what is not anticipated and coded into the program by someone with extremely in-depth knowledge of each factor involved, and how all such factors interact. Such a god-like knowledge is possessed by no human being or team of human beings, where anything other than mere physical properties are concerned.

Plus, even taking a meaningful stab at comprehensive model programming involving variables and variables of the variables is enormously hard work. It’s like playing five-dimensional chess in your head and being obliged to work through the whole game to its conclusion, and using only your most honest guesses of what the other guy would do to counter your moves.

As I model the question, computer modelers simply don’t attempt this achingly hard and frankly impossible task. Instead, they just spend their time on a persuasive presentation, hoping that their target audience is either too simple-minded to perceive the omissions or has its own interest in a, “just do this and everything will be great” approach.

But everything will NOT be great under little Laura’s science fair model, and already is very, very UN-great. Are you going to buy into it again, in response to the new dire reports of “rising numbers of cases” and “too rapid re-openings” and a “second wave”?

All of those things are bullshit.

Rising numbers of cases mean NOTHING. We had millions and millions of cases throughout December, January, February and March with a death count of 97.

The vast majority of all the subsequently reported deaths are not actually C19 deaths. Instead, they are deaths from other causes (many preventable, others not) which have simply been called C19 deaths.

In many cases this mislabeling has possibly been done for money. It seems certain that much of the mislabeling has been contrived in an effort to defend and validate initial professional incompetence and insane policy prescriptions.

I’M GOING TO CLOSE WITH A “FOR INSTANCE” OBSERVATION concerning that initial professional incompetence which should serve well as my final point on why everything associated with the “official prescription” blossoming like a toadstool from little Laura’s own computer model should be flushed down the toilet, followed by a vigorous shower (from my “Other Voices” column of May 25, 2020):

Let me give you a very pointed example of why no politician or “expert” should be trusted with control over your decisions and your well-being or that of those dependent on you:

Neil Ferguson is the Imperial College, London, epidemiologist on whose predictions and computer models were adopted and relied upon for justification by Tony Fauci and Donald Trump and everyone else in the command-and-control-you infrastructure. Ferguson predicted 2,200,000 dead in America and 500,000 dead in Britain from C19 if his mitigation policy prescriptions were not followed.


At the time Ferguson made those predictions and they were bought into (or seized upon) by those who then presumed to take control of your movements, purchases, assembly, access to healthcare, etc., his record included predicting:

  • 50,000 dead from “Mad Cow Disease” in Britain in 2002. Fewer than 200 have actually died;
  • 200,000,000 dead worldwide from H5N1 in 2005. So far, it is merely a suspected factor in 455 deaths;
  • 65,000 dead in the UK alone from swine flu, and millions globally, in 2009. The actual death toll in the UK to date is 457, with 18,449 WHO “confirmed” fatalities worldwide.

It was this guy, with this vaudevillian record whose warnings were seized upon as justification for destroying your business, and generating a panic by virtue of which an effort will be made to compel you to install a tracking app on your phone (and punish you for not having it with you and active at all times) and injecting you with a vaccine likely accompanied by a digital ID implant by the sole virtue of which you will be allowed to go out in public, get on an airplane, train or bus, operate a business (including a school or a church), and so on.

Further, it was this guy whose record of abject failures in predicting anything (and who was recently caught ignoring his own “social distancing” recommendationsyou were never told about, by Donald Trump or Anthony Fauci or anyone else.

Those people aren’t your friends and they aren’t your servants. They are your competitors, if not your predators.

AMERICA MUST GROW UP, and that means ending reliance on the good-will and competence of public officials. They have neither. That external, delusional “White Knight” reliance must be replaced with self-reliance, and the downsizing of the state.

We need to shrink the state from today’s perception-controlling and society-dominating Leviathan-size back down to Constitutionally-intended size, a dimension which can be derived from looking at the size at which we maintained all our American governments, combined– federal, state and local– for about our first 140 years. That responsive and safe governmental size was so lean as to consume less than 10% of GDP on average– and yet Americans during that time became the most prosperous society in the history of the world, while America remained a real Land of the Free.

Can you imagine what a difference it would make today to shrink Washington down to less than a fifth of its current size and influence? And to shrink the state governments down by 50% or so?

Well, don’t just close your eyes and dreamily smile at the thought. Get up and make it happen.

Spread the knowledge you already have about the true nature of the income tax. The simplest way to do this is to share this little document with everyone you can, in every way that you can.

“It is not the function of our Government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the Government from falling into error.”

-United States Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson

*Although I haven’t stats with which to prove this out, it is my bet that the majority of flu-like symptoms admittances automatically classified as C19 patients and put on ventilators took place in large urban-area hospitals where funding is tighter, a $34,000 premium per bed is more of an incentive, and the population being served is more likely to be minority. If I’m right, this may help explain the apparent imbalance of supposedly C19 deaths among certain ethnic populations. See the very powerful film here for more on this subject.

**There is an erroneous reference and link in this otherwise pretty good recital to an article claiming that HCQ has been found to increase the death rate from C19. This was the declared conclusion of an almost immediately retracted false-data study published in the Lancet.

All governments are run by liars and nothing they say should be believed.”

-I. F. Stone

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lustmorden wants patriots to note:

Check out the WA order!! It’s completely toothless:


I have a reason I cannot wear a face covering. Am I required to document or prove that? No, the order does not require you to document or prove a reason for not wearing a face covering. If a business won’t allow you to enter their office or store, ask them what accommodations they can provide such as curb-side pick-up, delivery or virtual meeting options.

Should I say something if someone near me isn’t wearing a face covering? No. Someone may have a medical reason for not wearing a face covering. Whether those around you are wearing face coverings or not, focus on keeping 6 feet of distance between you and washing your hands often.

What should I do if I see someone not wearing a mask? Nothing. Some people have conditions or circumstances that would make wearing a cloth face covering difficult or dangerous. Just wear your mask and stay six feet away.


Cloth Face Coverings and Masks FAQ

Are businesses required to enforce the order for the public to wear face coverings? No. Businesses are not responsible to enforce the order, but they CAN refuse entry or service to customers who are not wearing face coverings. They must provide accommodations to people who indicate they have a condition that prevents them from wearing a face covering, such as curbside delivery.

I have a reason I cannot wear a face covering. Am I required to document or prove that? No, the order does not require that. Please do not contact your healthcare provider to obtain documentation.

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