You Are Here 6-26-20

The You Are Here daily report is snapshot and window of this time in history – documenting cultural and political observations from a Christian Nationalist perspective. The aim is to counter the mainstream narrative and matrix of lies with a resource of arguments, articles, opinions and memes that are effective and spicy. This is intended as a daily data dump of intelligence to be efficiently mined and utilized by family and patriots to disseminate throughout social networks in order to stay a step ahead of their socialist / communist/ fascist machinations.

2 sites with similar aims that I pull intelligence from and are worth your daily perusal:

From anonymous conservative:

Michael Flynn planned to ‘audit’ intel agencies before FBI prosecution. Do you think a little thing like a program to have official handlers run 5-13% of the civilian population as agents/informants in a massive spy network against regular Americans might have popped up in that audit? I have no idea if Trump/Q/Flynn plan to expose that all ultimately, but I will bet the threat of exposing it was used by them here to precipitate an over-reaction by Cabal forces that opened the door to catching Cabal engaged in targeting Trump/Flynn/et al. And had they not over-reacted, Flynn probably would have just gone ahead with the threat. It was a Xanatos gambit.

Be warned Police anons – you are being watched by Cabal at all times, and you have a target on your back. Three North Carolina Officers are fired after their body cameras “accidentally” activate, and catch them criticizing Black Lives Matters, and then a random audit of daily recorded footage just happens on that day and uncovers the conversation. They claim it was exceptionally racist, but I don’t believe anything in the media after it reported Chauvin wanted to plead guilty, and an officer in the Brooks arrest turned state’s evidence, both of which were lies. These guys didn’t know what was out there because they were speaking freely in a car as if it was private, which means they were not Cabal. And Cabal just caught them and purged them from the system, allowing Cabal to solidify its control. Have no doubt, they were observed speaking freely prior to this while on patrol, and the tech set-up was just a cover for how to bring it to light without exposing the other measures used to monitor them. There is a way around this. If any one of them had a way to expose the operations targeting them, and used that as blackmail to keep from being fired, have no doubt – that department would cover this all up in a heartbeat, and it would be like this never happened. For now file away, a foreign conspiracy is purging regular Americans who are not cool with a Stasi-like intel operation destroying our President and our nation. If you are one of us, assume the enemy is always in the room – or car as it may be.

Pentagon will deploy 4,000 troops to the southern border, starting in October. It sounds extraordinary – ridiculous even. Every two years, a foreign conspiracy with agents all over the world, taps its embedded agents in Central and South America, and maybe has its agents elsewhere in the world fly into there. Then it floods all of them up over the southern US border just in time for our biennial elections, so they can spread out to critical election districts and pose as Americans and vote, probably using professional fake identities for ghost Americans created for them by agents of the conspiracy in American government. Who knows how many it is, but it is enough that combined with the 5-13% of America’s civilian populace that has also pledged loyalty to the network, that it affects our electoral outcomes. If you want to ball park it, if the network in Central and South America is similar to the network in America, at 5-13% of a population of 465 million people in Central and South America, you would be looking at 23-60 million agents available for service, just from there, not counting members in the network in Europe and Asia who might be flown in and shuttled north, or American citizens who are agents and already in country. Add that to 16.5-43 million American agents, and you could have up to 40-100 million agents available for mobilization without any Europeans or asians, though obviously they would rarely if ever move all of them, or even anywhere near all of them. But given Donald Trump won 2016 by just under 3 million votes, you see how control of the electoral outcome is entirely possible for them. You can see the evidence of this happening, because every two years doctors make note of children who begin being paralyzed by a GI enterovirus that causes Acute Flaccid Myelitis, and which is endemic to Central and South America. And then, the election over, those agents are all sent home where they pick up as embedded covert intelligence/surveillance for the foreign conspiracy in their home countries. The Acute Flaccid Myelitis cases literally disappear for another two years, until we have another biennial election cycle. And the media tells us it is pure chance that our elections are now always so close. It is not that they keep it close because they want us to think we could have won, and it is not that our elections are so close because Cabal is trying to deploy as few agents north as possible to secure the win of the Democrat candidate, so as to balance the need for a definite win against the cost and risk of exposure inherent to sending so many agents north and fielding them with so many fake IDs. It all sounds ridiculous, but we see the disease outbreaks, and here we see President Trump taking an active measure we would expect to see if he were trying to counter such an operation. It will be interesting to see what happens this November, now that 200 miles of border have been sealed up with the wall, and we will have thousands of troops stopping the flood north everywhere else.

As I think about it, it is even possible part of the freakout over the Census was, it might have shown there were only 280 million American citizens, or some such number, which would make Americans wonder, why were we being told there were 330 million, why did the old number show 50 million ghost identities that can’t be found physically, and how could the official number have been so far off? Now I even wonder if the reason we show such low voter participation is because many of those non-participaters are ghost identities that Cabal calculated it didn’t need to use in that election cycle.

Census shows Asian, Hispanic populations booming. Points our most birthrates are stagnating. Article is interesting in that one thing I have noticed you need to produce a baby boom is a K-ified population, that has endured great trials, and over come them, to enter a peaceful utopia. All of us are getting K-ified right now. If I wanted to produce a K- baby boom, as I assume Trump does, I would guide events to such a point that the K-faction of society was taken to the breaking point, finally decided there was no choice but to engage in violence, and then I would get rid of the domestic surveillance and let the K-faction eradicate the left, violently. If there were a one year bloodbath, followed by the utopia which would ensue after ridding us of that leftist pestilence, you would have a baby boom like no other. Not that this is where things are going, but if Trump/Q really wanted to shift gears in the US and change the direction, and they were using events to do it, that is how I would do it.

Father’s Day weekend in Chicago sees 102 shot, and 14 killed including 5 minors.

Chicago girl, 13, was dancing with mom when she was killed by stray bullet in home.

Man accused of killing 2 teens in Chicago who asked him how tall he was.

Amnesty International Claims Israeli ‘Security’ Firm’s Software Turns Cellphones Into ‘Pocket Spies’

Slavery Nearly Universal Among ‘Native American’ Indian Tribes Prior To White Settlement

For all the RINO cucks- McConnell, Romney, Graham, Ryan, et. al:

Traitors and the Ninth Circle of Hell

Spahnranch1969@Spahnranch1969·@DrTorch@Paul47@Escoffier@lovelymiss There’s a mistaken belief that those who live in the hinterlands won’t suffer the grim fate of those who live in the urban areas. I would remind those who hold this belief of the incidents at Waco and Ruby Ridge. There is also the example of Bolshevik soldiers seizing farms, grain and crops from the Russian countryside to feed the starving Russian cities.

Johnny Vaquero@SlaveNation·@Heartiste Trump had one job! That was to lead the way out of the swamp and to put down any resistance encountered on the way with extreme predjudice.

If that was to trigger a war of resistance from the leftoid cucks and globalists then he was to lead War of Restoration to save the republic.

We all would have been behind him united. But he failed. He hired the Swamp and asked it to play with him.

Trump is the frog who tried to give that ride across the swamp to the scorpion in that story he told to America.

Christian worship video censored by Instagram as “harmful or false information”


Let’s get one thing straight, folks:

The Right continually loses to the Left (and has for 50+ years) because they always make the same mistake: They accept the moral ground the Left sets forth in any argument, and then try to make a reverse argument from that grounding, instead of rejecting the grounds entirely and creating an independent argument rooted in something tangible and timeless.

This is why Charlie Bobblehead is always left wondering why the Left doesn’t care about things like their own racism, seemingly perpetually bewildered by their own hypocrisy – as if their every goal wasn’t to use whatever was within arms reach to destroy you.

Let’s just be clear here: Everyone on the Left has literally seen Biden groping and sniffing kids on camera, repeatedly. You really think they’re going to throw up their hands now and reject him because of some old legislation. As though *that* is going to be a bridge to far for them?

The Left has no moral standards. They only EVER sets up any kind of “moral standard” as a way to control YOU on the right.

There are only two things the Left understands. The first is force, strength. Seeing as you are a private citizen, you’re probably not licensed to use this against them, but that’s okay, because the second is abject ridicule.

The Left are mostly simple herd creatures who go along with the crowd because they don’t want to be percieved as being “less than” their peers. They don’t want to be ill-regarded. They don’t want to be left out. In many ways, many in the Left are just engaged in an elaborate popularity/social-climbing contest.

Because of this, the most effective tool the Civilian Right has against them is to continually remind them all of how utterly and completely stupid they are; what fools they are, and how you think they and all their friends are genetic dead ends better left at the bottom of a garbage compactor than allowed to breathe the free air. This loss of social capital terrifies the left.

In short, the best thing you can do to a Leftist is to make them UNTOUCHABLE through constant and unabated ridicule until they literally go mad and collapse.

You don’t accomplish that by accepting their moral premises and trying to build a convincing argument from there, because they were never engaged in honest debate to begin with.

They were trying to use their twisted version of “morality” to control you, but that relies on your assent.

Deprive them of your assent, and get to work HAMMERING them in return, if for no other reason than having the absolute gall of trying to control you in such a way.

Caldwell Is Right—The New “Civil Rights” Constitution Has Displaced The U.S. Constitution. What Now?

Dr. Raoult’s large retrospective study of HCQ + AZ proves GEOTUS right again. Also mentions low zinc levels affects efficacy, which confirms Dr. Zelenko’s protocol (

Outcomes of 3,737 COVID-19 patients treated with hydroxychloroquine/azithromycin and other regimens in Marseille, France: A retrospective analysis

TikTok whitepaper from security researchers:

This is like… holy crap-type stuff. #CDAN was right again!!

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