You Are Here 6-25-20

The You Are Here daily report is snapshot and window of this time in history – documenting cultural and political observations from a Christian Nationalist perspective. The aim is to counter the mainstream narrative and matrix of lies with a resource of arguments, articles, opinions and memes that are effective and spicy. This is intended as a daily data dump of intelligence to be efficiently mined and utilized by family and patriots to disseminate throughout social networks in order to stay a step ahead of their socialist / communist/ fascist machinations.

2 sites with similar aims that I pull intelligence from and are worth your daily perusal:

Welcome to the 3rd World

Or, if you prefer, the post-European United States:

For the generation of Americans not yet old enough to drive, the demographic future has arrived.

For the first time, nonwhites and Hispanics were a majority of people under age 16 in 2019, an expected demographic shift that will grow over the coming decades, according to figures released by the U.S. Census Bureau on Thursday.

“We are browning from bottom up in our age structure,” said William Frey, a senior fellow at The Brookings Institution. “This is going to be a diversified century for the United States, and it’s beginning with this youngest generation.”

If you want to understand where this is all headed, I suggest looking at what happened in societies from Egypt and Greece to the Crusader States and South Africa once those societies began “browning” and diversifying.

Americans owe so much to ‎Emanuel Celler for healing their nation. Perhaps after all the statues of Washington, Jefferson, Jackson, and Jesus Christ are pulled down, one of Celler can be erected next to Lenin, St. Floyd, and Baphomet.


Flynn Case Update – Appeals Court Orders Judge Sullivan to Dismiss Flynn Case…

Posted on June 24, 2020 by sundance

The Flynn File

Posted on 73

The General Flynn case, after years of judicial stalling, may be finally coming to an end, as a Federal appeals court ordered the presiding judge to dismiss the case. The presiding judge could appeal the ruling to the full court or even take it to the Supreme Court, but his chance for success is negligible. Most likely his appeal would be refused, but it would buy some time. He could also refuse to comply with the writ of mandamus or stall for time so his prosecutor can file his claims.

The case has been a microcosm of what is going on with our ruling class. The sheer pettiness of the process reflects a cultural attitude that exists in the ruling managerial elite that is not seen among the commoners. This meanness is all over the current revolutionary spasm. Mel Gibson was just cancelled again for something he may have said 25 years ago. No people hold a grudge like the chosen people and that sensibility is now an identifying feature of the managerial class.

Bubba Wallace Goes Full Kaepernick – Despite Evidence Doubles Down on False “Noose” Claim…

Posted on June 24, 2020 by sundance Editor Peter Brimelow: Our Plan To Survive Tech Totalitarian Crackdown

MEMO FROM MIDDLE AMERICA: Actually, Trump’s Tulsa Speech Was A Success. I Know, I Was There

Recognizing The Signs Of The Times – A Warning To Our Generation
PNW ^ | 6/22/2020 | Britt Gillette

Posted on 6/24/2020, 2:38:44 PM by Roman_War_Criminal

About two thousand years ago, Jesus rebuked the religious elites of His day. He criticized them for their failure to recognize His Coming. He told them, “You know how to look at the sky and predict the weather, but you don’t know how to recognize the signs of the times” (Matthew 16:1-3).

Just like you and me, the religious leaders could see dark clouds on the horizon and know a rain storm was on its way. In the same manner, Jesus said they should have seen the signs and prepared for His arrival. The Pharisees and Sadducees knew the Old Testament Messianic prophecies, yet they failed to recognize the Messiah.

But their failure is relevant to our day and time as well. Why? Because Jesus wasn’t simply addressing the Pharisees and Sadducees when He said this. He had a second audience in mind – you and me. That’s right. Jesus was also talking to our generation.

The Bible is filled with prophecies about the Second Coming, and Jesus commanded us to watch for Him (Mark 13:35-37). Our generation is also expected to recognize the “signs of the times.” But are we? Do you recognize the signs of the times?

Unfortunately, much of the world (including a large number of Christians) are not watching for Jesus. They’re asleep when it comes to the Second Coming, even though Jesus warned against it. Why do I say the world is asleep? Because right now, a flood of signs surround us. Never before have so many signs of the Second Coming been present. Here are just a few from 2020:

(Excerpt)

rarcangelo says: June 24, 2020 at 2:16 pm

Biggest scam in history….ther is NO test that can positively identify COVID19. It doesn’t exist . We use Electron Microscopy to visually identify a virus, but the tests being used and they are claiming to be for Antibodies are RNA sequencing and low resolution RT PCR testing and neither identifies or confirms that a virus exists. These tests are a way of collecting DNA and RNA and can only identify mutations in the genome. They’re are illegally taking DNA and RNA samples in the guise of testing. Even if they were searching for Antibodies it wouldn’t work because Antibodies are broad spectrum and cover a wide variety of diseases. Antibody and antigen screening is done when you’ve established a healthy baseline through a battery of successive tests on each patient individually and still provide on average 75 percent false positives. They can only be used to rule out not confirm . It’s a scam. The numbers would be impossible to confirm and again most importantly there’s no Electron Microscopy available for COVID19 only CGI cartoons and enhanced images of the flu.

BlackKnightRides says: June 24, 2020 at 12:13 pm

Watch for it …

POTUS appointment of General Flynn as ODNI’s Special Assistant for FISA OVERSIGHT (no Congressional confirm required) … in the absence of Congressional Reform.

… and under Chief Justice Roberts’ “oversight”.


BlackKnightRides says: June 24, 2020 at 12:19 pm

In PREPARATION for Congressional Reform


Guess why CJ Roberts has gone ROGUE
… He was IN ON IT!

statue destruction 2

Unprecedented Public Report On UFOs Requested From Senate Intel Committee (disclosure?) ^ | Joseph Trevithick

Posted on 6/24/2020, 1:31:08 PM by RoosterRedux

Members of the U.S. Senate have expressed concern that the U.S. military, as well as other federal government agencies, have not been giving the appropriate amount of attention to reports of encounters with unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAP, more commonly referred to as unidentified flying objects, or UFOs, which may be linked to America’s adversaries. They are now looking to order the Director of National Intelligence to work with other relevant agencies to produce a report detailing just what information they have on UAPs already, how that data is collected and processed, how it is getting shared, and just what kind of threats or other risks these objects might pose.


It is known that the Navy has been the service providing classified briefings on UAPs to senior members of Congress ever since the New York Times published its first detailed exposé on the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), and its predecessors, which also focused in part on investigating reports of unidentified aerial objects, in 2017. Some legislators have already expressed their concerns about the substance of the information that service has been providing, whether the known UAP encounters represent potential threats to national security, and whether those issues are being taken seriously, as the War Zone, among others, has reported in the past.

The specific mention that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has been collecting information about UAP sightings is also notable, if not surprising, as well. The bureau was among the U.S. government agencies that were known to be involved in the investigations into still unexplained sightings of unidentified objects flying over various parts of Colorado and Nebraska, including near sensitive U.S. Air Force facilities, between December 2019 and January 2020, though there’s no indication this incident was a direct factor in the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence request. The War Zone has continued to explore that story in detail, which you can read more about here and here.

In addition to information from the Navy and the FBI specifically, the Senate wants to see any other data on UAPs derived from basically any other intelligence sources and methods available to the U.S. government. It specifically mentions geospatial intelligence (GEOINT), signals intelligence (SIGINT), human intelligence (HUMINT), and measurement and signals intelligence (MASINT).

(Excerpt) Read more at The Drive: The War Zone

wisconsin senator blm

jack Dorsey

jack dorsey tweets

The Elephant In The Room@TheElephantInTheRoom·@NeonRevolt “I’d say only about 50% of Ethnic Europeans care about the Constitution any more.”

That’s something I’ve been realizing more and more and it’s incredibly disheartening.

The marxist indoctination was terrifyingly effective.

Non-whites + brainwashed white youth = destroyed West


This is Cuckservative thinking, though.

Minorities, by and large, do not care about >muh constitution, and can not be made to care about >muh constitution. The Constitution is a European document designed to work best for people of European heritage. Cuckservatives NEED to stop pretending that governing documents should be one-size-fits all.

The reason the Constitution doesn’t work for (for instance) Sub-Saharan Populations (though the same could be said for other populations) isn’t because they haven’t been taught well enough, or lack access to education. It’s because it’s not an organic product of their history, and forces a way of life upon them that is fundamentally unnatural to them. Liberia proves that beyond a shadow of a doubt. They have the exact same Constitution as us, yet they are one of the biggest failures as a nation, ever, in human history.

Oh sure, there are minority individuals who do care, but these are the miniscule exception rather than the rule. The past month of non-stop rioting should have made it EXCEEDINGLY CLEAR to the entire world that basically, minorities don’t give a rat’s @$$ about the Constitution, and never will, no matter how many mandatory Civics classes we provide.

And even with that in mind, I’d say only about 50% of Ethnic Europeans care about the Constitution any more.

The Constitution is not a Unifying Document, like Cuckservatives constantly swear up and down it is. It’s a ruling document designed by a group of Europeans for other Europeans, and was understood as an experimental document; not as the equivalent of Holy Scripture.firebear@firebear··QAnon and the Great Awakening@NeonRevolt Q has said this from the beginning, a digital army not for Q personally but for the constitution. I understand being tired, I am also. Three years is a long time to be focused on one thing.

John Rivers@JohnRivers·the Most Powerful Companies and People all support Black Lives Matter
the Most Powerful Companies and People all condemn White Lives Matter

tell me again, who benefits from Racial Privilege?
and who gets hurt from Systemic Racism?

Grandpa Lampshade@grandpalampshade·* One of the great things about voluntary face masks: they’re self identifiers for sheep. I went to town in the middle of the day yesterday and it was chock full of mask covered sheep. Quite amazing, really. It’s nice to know that one can simply not bother with those people. They are obviously not capable of independent thought and will simply do whatever they’re told and agree with whatever those who are percieved to be in authority say. When you walk through the sea of mask sheep, you can’t help but walk a bit straighter and with a more confident stride as they scurry to avoid the bad thinker who isn’t doing what they’re told.

* I’ve got nothing against wearing a mask IF YOU ARE SICK. This has been considered an act of courtesy in Asian countries for years, sort of like covering your mouth when you cough. Also, if you are required to wear a mask at work, what can you do? You gotta keep your family fed and it’s not a negative reflection on you.

The last time this utilitarian mode of thought was dominant in America was at the founding. The first shot at a national government was pretty much just leaving most everything to the states to figure out on their own. The Articles of Confederation did not work, because the impotent national government was the wrong tool for the job, so we got the US Constitution.

The men of the Tidewater who crafted it understood that we needed a strong central government for managing trade, national defense and the courts. At the same time, they knew the Puritan lunatics in New England would immediately try to pervert the national government so they could dominate the rest of the country. James Madison had no illusions about the nature of John Adams. The result was a government based on Negative Liberty.

If you had any doubts about what the D0J is really up to… 🤨

Well well well Viginia leaps hard into the next stage of communistic take over by creating a snitch line to report us offenders to dictatorial rule.

— Child sex trafficking investigators from the FBI’s New York field office have conducted an interview with a victim who provided chilling details about allegedly being raped by Bill Clinton on a yacht in New England when the victim was a young boy.

“We are treating him as a victim,” an FBI official told True Pundit in New York City prior the interview with FBI.

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