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This Color Revolution Isn’t Black Or White
It’s As Blue As The Soros-Clinton Dems

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense
The Soros-inspired color uprisings across Europe are now superseded by the Blue Revolution financed by the Soros clan, the Emirates of Qatar and Dubai UAE, fronts for Iran and their headmasters at the Rothschild’s MI-6, along the Jewish real-estate interests running Black Lives Matter. The Blue Revolution targeting the inner-cities of northern Union states (notably not in the former Confederate region where slavery prevailed) does not advance the basic interests of African Americans but to the contrary are targeting inner-city communities in the first step toward displacement and removal of the black population to desolate outlying areas to make way for urban redevelopment and gentrification. The drug gangs in Seattle and Minnesota are temporary hires to spearhead a depopulation campaign to be followed by the wrecking ball, which is why Wall Street is “funding” Black Lives Matter through a front called the ActBlue, an online “charitable donations” scam run by gay activists (as in Act-Up) whose primary backer is Jeffrey Gural, a Jewish Obama crony who runs racetracks in New York, which of course is a cover for gambling.

Wake up, folks, your slumlord has sent his thug to “liberate” you of subprime house and back yard, the next short step in the black diaspora. Black Property Matters because it’s downtown and scheduled for takeover and total urban renewal, driven by Wall Street investors. The crime wave being perpetrated by drug gangs and radical young fools is staged to depreciate the value of your home and land, because the real estate agents don’t intend to pay you jack when you’re forced to leave everything behind. You’re being evicted, that’s the message from the arson and window smashing.

The Blue Revolution is coming from the Dixiecrat Democrats, which is why there are no arson or rebellion in the Deep South, other than Atlanta, capital of the New South. Treason and greed know no loyalty to nation or neighbors, and therefore homegrown treachery in America usually involves the wandering Jew, in this case New York horse-racing mob boss Jeffrey Gural, a early political sponsor of Barack Obama. To finance the BLM insurrection, the Islamic State allied with the Kosher Nostra in an unholy union between Jewish downtown redevelopment moguls and the Emir Barack Hussein of Wakanda. Their fraudulent political donor website ActBlue, which has reaped hundreds of millions donations and allocating only a tiny amount for that chump change gang called Black Live Matters.

Jewish slumlords are out to burn down and take possession of aging inner-city single-family housing for conversion into gentrified 4-plex rentals for white techies. Mass eviction is already happening, dumping former black residents of Oakland and SF Western Addition into the swamps of the Central Valley. The same goes for Southwest LA with black families driven into desert areas swept by the hot Santa Ana winds. The black neighborhood of Charlottesville was demolished as early as 1954, so let’s not kid ourselves over eviction by riot. This is another exile in the Wilderness, a crime of biblical proportions. The African pharaoh and his Ethiopian army kicked the uppity Jews out of Egypt and now they’re getting their revenge once again after chaining your ancestors and selling them into slavery, and now by preparing eviction notices to drive you out of the cities into Nowheresville, Siberian concentration camps, the Jewish version of the Final Solution.

Americans stand together

My advice is for black homeowners is to seek out an alliance with white militia groups to protect your neighborhood, because this is about American values and not a race war, when every citizen is being personally threatened by Wall Street totalitarianism, which has been robbing each and all of us. If black fathers and mothers are on the street with guns, you know that the police will be ordered to perpetrate a massacre. But if white and black men and women patrol the streets together, the city councils don’t dare mess with you. The hired thugs will be cringing in fear of people who see through their games and will take the first flight back to wherever they came from.

Although the schools don’t teach it anymore, an African American named Crispus Attucks was a patriot who died for his country at Bunker Hill, the British-ordered atrocity that sparked the 13 states to join the American Revolution. A few months earlier, the Minutemen militia at Lexington and Concord were the first to defend this nation and their legacy remains the last hope for democracy today. Don’t let the BLM reverse racism and black supremacy antics intimidate you or scare about racist lynching. Instead stand up as an equal American who can see past skin color to comprehend that statement from Ben Franklin that “we must indeed hang together or most assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

This is no time for race separation, Americans must show unity against unjust local governments conspiring with the real-estate developers and bankers who are collapsing the economy to disenfranchise and rob working people of all races. Worse, these corrupt interests are consorting with foreign powers hostile to American democracy and way of life. The back-stabbing criminal elite must be stopped cold in their tracks, and remember there’s nothing they fear more than the American people united and ready to defend their homes and families.

It’s the same old game down through the ages, and so these rioters are basically of the ilk of foreign Hessian mercenaries sent in to crush the American Revolution. July Fourth, Independence Day, should be set as the turning point, when Americans roll back Antifa and BLM, and whack their conniving political patrons and financiers. Evict them from your city and make them run for their lives. Try not to kill not yet at least, just knock some sense into their thick skulls so that they don’t come back to be buried.

After dealing with the homegrown traitors, the heft of this article focuses on foreign-sponsored Islamist terrorist spies infiltrated into the National Security Agency (NSA), which led to the exposure of the New York rioters’ links to Qatar and Iran, both linked to the British MI-6 spy agency, and also the Dubai-funded gangsta’ rapper and dope dealer named Solomon “Raz” Simone, the warlord of CHAZ occupied turf in Seattle. These fools are just expendable tools because the motive for arson and looting goes higher up the political ladder to the top step of the Democratic Party and its white gay funding scam called ActBlue (as in Act-Up, the gay circle jerk as in the Stonewall riot), which is siphoning donations to Black Lives Matter into the pocket of the Jewish mafia and Massachusetts Jesuit Irish Dems who have traditionally supported the Provo IRA terrorists running drugs from Boston into Ireland. This bewildering network of odd fellows across the national map of subversion, needs to be bulldozed by the new Minutemen. Evict them.

Duty of citizen’s arrest
So let’s move from greed-driven insanity to effective action to stop these criminals. Given the illegitimate constraints by city councils cuffing police departments, it is important for citizens to understand their state laws on making a citizen’s arrest and also explore the possibilities for deputizing under other branches of government, for example federal marshal’s offices and various lawmen involved with fire departments, forestry, national or state parks police and so on.

When the police are illicitly restrained by unjust tyrannical authority, citizens must assume responsibility over crime-fighting and public security. First point, citizen’s arrest is a article of Common Law that long preceded the U.S. Constitution, enacted widely under the British legal code and by the colonial government; it is established in the ancient law code. Second, the principle is strongly upheld in the Second Amendment clause reading “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Government cannot infringe your right to form a militia.

Contrary to liberal misinterpretation, that Constitutional protection is not limited to the National Guard but asserts the right of patriotic citizens to uphold and enforce the law, especially in times of crisis when the nation is under threat, which is the reality of the present situation. That said, in all but the most urgent circumstances, your state law should be followed. State laws tend to avoid mention of extreme situations when life and liberty and personal property are in danger of mass annihilation. In a complex situation of rioters torching a neighborhood, threatening to kill numbers of innocent people, a citizens’ defense group using gunfire as a last resort, would lead to a test case involving an after-the-fact court decision. Reasonable grounds should hold up in a fair trial, but most federal and big-city are corrupt, in the pocket of criminals, so appeal to a higher court would probably ensue. If a rioter is carrying a lethal weapon then a plea of self-defense should exonerate anyone for using force against the assailant’s attempt to murder or wound you. So let them bring it on.

The right and duty of making a citizen’s arrest, which is part and parcel of U.S. law left to the states to articulate, becomes doubly important whenever law enforcement is abolished by traitorous municipal or state officials. The imposition of tyranny to abet insurrection aimed at destroying democratic standards and legal norms becomes a issue of Constitutional law protecting the fundamentals of democracy. Targeted violence against the citizenry invokes the Second Amendment which requires patriotic people to resist and detain the enemy-financed saboteurs and assassins. A firefight against armed terrorists is a complex situation demanding forensic evidence. Therefore any militia unit should be prepared to make clear-cut assessments of situations and possess video recording equipment and gather evidence and affidavits (meaning getting contact info from witnesses for the case in court, as well as being able to further show sufficient grounds for challenging a bad verdict in an appeals court. Although difficult during a violent riot, the suspects should be arrested and taken for booking at a police station. If an arrested person tries to foolishly tries to flee after committing a capital crime, be sure to contact the coroner and file a police report on their refusal to submit to justice and the circumstances of their death during commission of a felonious act. Be sure to aim dead-center to lessen the chance of hitting a bystander with a stray bullet or ricochet. You must not be kind o a felon at the risk of killing or wounding a law-abiding citizen. Try to get the wounded into an ambulance asap, while protecting that vehicle and the paramedics from a molotov attack. Militia members therefore should be trained in first aid and moving the wounded.

Security means awareness of all potential threats in a chaotic situation, when the assailants intend to harm or kill, which includes scanning for snipers and training in the response tactics including counter-sniper fire. Safety equipment for extinguishing petrol fires from molotovs is also essential, along with first aid. Preparation and communications are at the essence of a “well-regulated” militia. Strutting around cockily only brings on the thugs, whereas remaining cool, calm and collected, with a reserve force in the background, will reap its benefits. As you can discern, having military veterans and retired police officers in your militia group provide valuable real-world experience and know-how. Formation of local militia unit is not a game or boyhood fantasy, it’s reality based on necessary defense of the community’s life and property, and a constitutional duty of law-abiding citizens.

States’ rights on defining the rules
Your state laws on making citizen’s arrests, which is based on actual incidents and subsequent court verdicts, are essential toward your rules of engagement in emergencies. A militia group must organize seminars to acquaint their members with the logic of the state law, let’s here briefly look at the variance among different states, taken from District of Columbia Law 23- 582(b): 1. A private person may arrest another who he has probable cause to believe is committing in his presence a felony, or an offense enumerated in section 23-581 (a)(2); and 2. in aid of a law enforcement officer or special policeman, or other person authorized by law to make an arrest. (c) Any person making an arrest pursuant to this section shall deliver the person arrested to a law enforcement officer without unreasonable delay (1970). Tennessee: a private citizen has the right to arrest when a felony has been committed and he has reasonable cause to believe that the person arrested committed it. Reasonable grounds will justify the arrest, whether the facts turn out to be sufficient or not. (See Wilson v. State 1833). Kentucky: a person witnessing a felony must take affirmative steps to prevent it, if possible. (See Gill v. Commonwealth, 1930.) Kentucky citizens are permitted to kill fleeing felons while making a citizen’s arrest (Kentucky Criminal Code). (This clause demands further explanation, since this sort of case usually involves a felon entering a private property or commercial enterprise, whereas a riot on a public place like a street is a different context.) Weak States: Massachusetts law, which while permitting a private person to arrest for a felony, permits those acquitted of the felony charge to sue the arresting person for false arrest or false imprisonment. (See Commonwealth v. Harris (1981)). Utah law permits citizen’s arrest, but explicitly prohibits deadly force.(Writer’s comment: Here’s what’s wrong about Mitt Romney and the cultist Mormon monopoly of power that is blatantly unconstitutional and in dire need of Americanization.) Since the assault on our cities by foreign spies and traitors is being funded by Iran, Qatar, the UAE, British intelligence and possibly other countries with access to nuclear weapons, Americans must prepare yesterday for further vile attacks and possible direct foreign intervention.

Gun ownership is not enough, communities need to form committees of public safety, better known as militias or posses. The task has been up to the National Guard, which unfortunately have been hijacked and controlled by the Clinton crony Terry McAuliffe, a Jesuit traitor, the situation is complex and so knowledge of the Constitution and state law are essential as guidelines. A page from the law book in the vest pocket is as much a weapon as a rifle, so get cracking. Be a patriot and not another criminal, since we already have more than enough stinking garbage to haul out to the landfill.

Lawlessness or Militia?
If you fail to act and this type of violent insurrection spreads, there arises the overt threat of a coup d’etat of a “federal” level intervention by an illicit caretaker regime, especially in the unfortunate event of the assassination(s) of elected White House officials, from the President on down. The fact is that we came close to that when President Trump had to shelter in the WH bunker while a radioactivity detecting helicopter flew across the District of Columbia in pursuit of a high radiation reading, which either disappeared back across the horizon in a private jet or ended with capture of the cargo. Perhaps it was an ill-timed shipment of hospital equipment emitting gamma rays. Whatever the case, that panic will remain a state secret for the next half-century. The Democrat-controlled media’s mockery of the bunker affair indicates some foreknowledge of an assassination plot. The Dem Dixiecrat leadership are traitors who cannot be trusted, nor can the publishers and executives of major news media, aka the Charleston Jew slave traders who seem to be all-in for another John Wilkes Booth affair. That probably explains their eagerness to rip down all public memory of the life and assassination of Abraham Lincoln, the GOP president who enacted the Emancipation Act.

Any black person who supports this coup attempt is like one of the 300,000 fool slaves who served in the Confederate Army. Those who don’t know history are bound to repeat it. Meanwhile, as the season approaches, boycott the NBA unless the corporate policy is switched to releasing any player regardless of race or religion who kneels during the Star-spangled Banner. Otherwise change the franchise to the Traitor Football Club. Some things, very few, are sacrosanct in America and the flag that our fathers fought under and their buddies died for is one of them. Accept no excuses, since it’s a big world and people who hate America can find their promised land elsewhere. In my opinion, Kevin should be deported to wherever he’d comfortably feel at home, but charged for the air ticket after incineration of his passport, driver’s license and birth certificate, so he can gain refugee status on the other side where he can play rugby instead of football. And meanwhile Drew Brees, we were truly inspired by what you said at first, but your sore teammates’ hut feelings don’t add up to the mud on your cleats, especially since its hopeless to apologize to trash-talking traitors. Just get the big-mouth fools fired from the team and tell your linebackers to remember them. Nobody in the league can compare that with what you did for New Orleans, especially its African-American community, after Hurricane Katrina. The facts prove Brees has zero reason to apologize for to anybody anywhere and his critics mouthing off are scoundrels who belong in the NFL. Lawyers and other Traitors

Now at last, we probe the New York terror squad that’s part of the NSA-embedded Islamist sleeper cells. Some of you might recall my articles on that Gold Star Mother and her husband Khizer “Kaiser” Khan, an Islamist immigrant from Pakistan liked with its ISI military intel service, whose son in the U.S. Army was involved in recruiting a Sunni militia that eventually became ISIS. Khan appeared at the Democrat Convention to endorse Tim Kaine and Hillary Clinton. Then there were my critiques of Representatives from Florida Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Robert Wexler who hired the Awan siblings to enable the Pakistanis to monitor the House computer system, as means of solidifying the CIA-ISI relationship, which in reality provided top-secret information to Islamist jihadists, which was probably all along the hidden intention of the Obama-Brennan project.

Now, a different flavor of Islamist sleeper cell was knocked over with an arrest related to the torching of NYPD vehicles during the Brooklyn riot, which inadvertently exposed a deep-cover Iranian-linked operation inside the National Security Agency (NSA) at its headquarters in Fort Mead, Maryland. Positive identification from smartphone photos led to the arrest of two lawyers of color Urooj Rahman, a Pakistan-born female human rights lawyer, and African-American Colinford Matthis, a civil rights attorney with the Jewish-owned firm of Pryor Cashman. The pair hiding in the shadows emerged in the Fort Green area to toss molotovs inside a police car on the passenger seat and over the gasoline inlet. Matthis is a graduate of Princeton and NYU; and Rahman is a product of Fordham law school. Prosecutors sought 99-year sentences for the pair without bail, since as attorneys they are sworn to uphold the law. The liberal judge reduced their sentences at the first hearing to 20 years and home detention instead of prison, a travesty of equal justice since a white or Asian person would never be shown such light treatment. Upon the arrest at 1 a.m. on May 30, and following their booking, Ms. Rahman’s best friend Salma Rivzi rushed over to post $250,000 bail for the pair. Charges against them for passing out molotovs to rioters were apparently mooted by the judge.

The other fire-bomb assailants is Samantha Shader, a white “street musician” wanted for 11 crimes in 11 states, who tossed the motolov into a police van where 4 officers were seated, setting one cop on fire. She was probably paid by the terrorist pair. Rahman’s Islamic radicalism was intensified at the Jesuit-run Fordham law school, when she visited Israel on a Tollan grant to study at project funded by the Soros Open Society. It’s a no-brainer that Palestinians are oppressed in the Jewish state, but she managed to advance her law degree with her notes from the West Bank published in a police-reform report by Robert Gangi, a questionable critic of law enforcement with a dodgy bio topped by his defeat by Bill Blasio in the mayoral elections. Gangi is not one of the more common Sicilian name, the most prominent being the clan of Genovese mafia boss Rosario “Ross” Gangi, involved in embezzlement of the Seafood Workers Union, extortion and heroin dealing along with a few murders. Behind these wayward lawyers, there well could be an Afghan heroin smuggling operation, which would explain the bribery that led to the lighter charges and easy release despite the seriousness of the arson. It’s still New York, after all, Tammany Hall. The smack trade would explain how fellow attorney Salma Rivzi could come up instantly past midnight during COV lockdown with the 120 grand to post bail, especially if the DIA or CIA is currently involved in Afghan heroin importation, like back in the Air America era after the Vietnam War and the cocaine air shipments to Mena Airport from Honduras to Governor Bill Clinton’s Arkansas. Drugs ‘R’ US, right? Bundles of cash. Cracking the NSA
Miss Rivzi got her start in spookery as a Shiite teen growing up in Laurel, Maryland, the one-horse town for the Defense Department’s National Security Administration (NSA). This Pakistani national was born in Indonesia (the bailiwick of Ann Dunham, Obama’s mother and his adolescent home). After getting a bachelor’s degree at in-state Johns Hopkins, she went on to Georgetown for an MS degree in international affairs. The Paul and Daisy Soros Foundation (Paul is the late brother of George Soros, another Nazi Jew) gave her a grant for the special preparatory Foreign Service program for employment at the State Department or intelligence agencies. (Brother George is an investment adviser and energy partner with the Emir of Qatar.) Ms. Rivzi then went on to NYU law school with a grant from the Islamic Scholarship Fund. The board of the sketchy fund is administered by an Iranian physician in the SF Bay Area and a Pakistani who was awarded an Ariane de Rothschild grant at Columbia University.

The Rothschilds are eager to break the relationship between Iran and Russia, along with Soros who funds the pro-Iranian lobby called the Quincy Institute. The Islamic scholarship is supported by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which provides funding to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, here again another link with the fanatic Emir of Qatar, which cooperated with Soros and Hillary Clinton in fomenting the disastrous Arab Spring revolts by Islamist radicals versus secularist governments. In alliance between Qatar, Soros, the Rothschilds and the Obama regime sponsored the ISIS trans-Arabian pipeline project for Qatari gas to flow to the Syria’s Mediterranean Coast and on to Israel, Cyprus and the Balkans in competition against Russia’s South Stream pipeline. Big oil, big money and big treason in Brooklyn.

What’s alarming about Rivzi’s government service in the NSA and Pentagon was her multilingual skill, which put her in charge of assigning translators to the diplomatic corps and as head of cultural affairs for Muslim linguists at the NSA, a perfect position for Tehran’s penetration of American intelligence during the Obama years when coddling the Iranian nuclear program and regional spread of the Revolutionary Guards was official policy, which is why U.S. military is being pummeled today. As an analyst for the State Department and NSA, Rivzi frequently delivered the Mideast intelligence briefs to President Obama in person. This spy network all amounts to high treason, involving the Obama presidency, and now outright terrorism on the streets of New York City, which is starting to look like Kandahar or Aleppo.

These riots should mean the absolute end of the multiculturalism as a failed experiment that culminated in subversion, espionage and domestic terrorism. There must be sweeping changes to uproot these enemies nestled at universities, Wall Street and inside the political Establishment, and instead invest in poorer white and black neighborhoods to promote healthy economic self-development by loyal citizens. It’s always been my opinion that Obama and Hillary should be put on trial and hanged for their countless heinous human rights violations against the American people and the world community. So if irreversible push comes to unbearable shove, militiamen and patriots remember the gist of the argument in my reporting for the safety and preservation of the Republic, and teaching the young generations that we mean what we say about traditional values enshrined in the Constitution and the work ethic.

Black Americans should take note of all the BLM and Antifa members who are definitively not U.S.-born descendants of African slaves. BLM is crawling with infiltrators from the post-colonial territories of the former British Empire, whose national intel agencies are historically connected with the MI-6 and Foreign Office in London. The point that I keep trying to emphasize is that Russiagate and BLM are from the same British imperial establishment, financially connected to the Rothschilds, as during the American Revolution, the War of 1912, the Civil War and the two World Wars. They never give up until they are someday crushed under. Like a Union Jack python out to get the Stars and Stripes mongoose, this is a battle to death of two opposing species that ends only when one or the other is killed. It’s not a matter of choice, it’s simply an inheritance, largely due to the treachery of Benedict Arnold and Alexander Hamilton and their successors Judah Benjamin and Woodrow Wilson. Dem Crooks in Minn
Why are Minneapolis and Seattle the targets of Anfifa-BLM? Add the quiet takeover of Vermont. Location, location, location in states on the Canadian border, the doorways for passage of drugs from India; money-laundering by global crime syndicates into dirty U.S. banks, private equity and the commodities markets and stock exchanges; counterfeit currency from China; illegal immigration; and espionage operations and technology theft out of the USA.

For instance, this past spring, the Michigan state police intercepted a submarine from Canada in the Detroit River hauling in bails of marijuana, methamphetamine and boxes of currency. The French Canadian U-boatman was on their sonar over the past year, and confessed upon arrest to many of his past Nemo voyages into the Great Lakes region. Another case in point is the top donor to the Minnesota Democratic Party, a banker named Vance Opperman. As president of the TCF bank, he came under scrutiny in 2017 from the Treasury Department for facilitating terrorist financing at its Sioux City, Iowa branch, in violation of the Bank Secrecy Act. The string of criminal activity by Minnesota’s Jewish minority is legendary, as I’ve spelled out about the all-Jew Purple Gang during the Prohibition era with their cross-border smuggling monopoly for Samuel Bronfman’s Seagram’s distillery. The criminal spree continued under Minneapolis boss Kid Cann, pseudonym of Romania-born Jew Isadore Blumenfeld who lived down to the reputation of his homeland hero Vlad the Impaler, better known as Count Dracula who was a Khazar prince of the Judaic faith. Besides booze and prostitution, robberies and fraud, Kid Cann (pronounced “can”) excelled at murder with a Tommy gun, the signature weapon of the Purple Gang, by gunning down crusading crime-fighter journalist-publisher Walter Ligget. Blumenfeld was a hard-working hood whose main achievement was to buy on the cheap and take apart the Minneapolis mass transit system to sell off the rails as scrap metal. He set the precedent for the sort of corporate raider that dismantled American industry to sell off to foreign bidders.

Minnesota’s other top Jewish mobsters included grain-shipper Burton Joseph, who financed the founding of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the most lying deceivers in the world. Joseph from his position as board member of Columbia Records along with Herbert Allen advanced the Judification of the music industry, narcotics distribution and penetration of the State Department through his Machia-villain agent Richard Holbrook. There’s also Carl Linder, founder of the United Fruit Company, which overthrew the democratically elected Arbenz government to convert Guatemala into a banana republic. Then, the Israeli-born Meshulam Rikilis, who arrived to found the Rapid American printing equipment company and went on as a corporate-takeover arbitrageur to gain ownership of Elizabeth Arden cosmetics, Beatrice Foods and a slew of other companies across the USA and Canada. The secret to his financial expansionism was a partner in crime named Meyer Lansky. His inner circle included the infamous gay attorney Roy Cohn. Rikilis kept up close relations with the KGB station in the Canadian capital Ottawa, and was one of the architects of secret transfers of U.S. military technology to the Soviet Union.

The greatest achievement of the Jewish crooks was to finance the creation of the Minnesota Democratic Farmer and Labor Party, which produced con artists like Hubert Humphrey, the villainous warmonger who was besieged by antiwar students at the Chicago National Convention in 1968. His successor was the criminal Walter Mondale, the presidential candidate whose running partner was Geraldine Ferraro, the daughter of a Mafia gangster. I am proud of opposing Humphrey as a antiwar student at the Chicago Convention, where I was shot at by Mayor Daley’s cops who assumed me to be a Viet Cong, and later with the Gary Hart campaign coming within a hair’s breadth of stopping Mondale’s first round victory, which failed because of the sellout (for under-the-table cash) by Jesse Jackson, who is now a supporter of the Minneapolis riots in the home turf of the congressional squad’s Rep. Ihan Omar, whose base is thousands of Somali “refugees” shipped in by the Clinton-allied International Rescue Committee (IRC), an MI-6 and CIA joint op, following his infamous Blackhawk Down stupidity. Federal troops need to be sent in to Minnesota to protect the indigenous peoples and early Swedish settlers from the criminal mobs and restore democracy for the citizenry. If the Pentagon refuses, then the militia need to mobilize for the push-back, to prevent a repeat of Blackhawk Down. The Seattle Caliphate
By now Solomon “Raz” Simone, who is name is Jewish and religious identity iMuslim, is the reigning warlord over the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) aka former Precinct 3. The rap singer who owns a Tesla, Jaguar and BMW, owns million-dollar properties across the city, his own record studio financed with an $80,000 grant from the city council, and a vast gun collection, which he distributes to his jihadist followers. His financing comes from the Emirate of Dubai (UAE), a major supporter of Islamic fanaticism, which has a close relationship with Iran. His public boast about founding America’s first Islamic state should not be scoffed at some gansta’ rapper’s joke but taken seriously for his, upcoming trial on sedition and treason charges, probably also murder. My first advice to militiamen to close all escape routes to Vancouver, home of the Antifa and the Black Bloc, both being MI-6 subversion operations in their relentless war against the United States. Don’t let them flee, be sure to cage these rodents.

Leon Trotsky, Rothschild revolutionist

Topping up the foreign subversion is Seattle city council member Kshama Sawant, an immigrant from Pune, a major cult center in India involved with British MI6 intel. Ms. Sawant, one of those foreigners who came to study at university (with unreported and yet unknown sources of funding for tuition and room and board), and got her citizenship, perhaps through a paper marriage (a marriage solely on paper for purposes of defrauding immigration law), needs to be investigated. The reason being here her membership in Britain’s CWI (Committee for a Workers International), an MI-5 (counter-intelligence) outfit set up through the Special Branch Police to infiltrate the IRA, Irish Republican Army, since the late 1970s to distract young Irish activists in the UK to become involved instead in the dying trade union movement under Labour Party control. CWI is extreme Trotskyite, followers of Leon Trotsky, who perpetrated hundreds of massacres of peasants, Tsarist traditionalists and political opponents in his own communist movement.

Leon Trotsky was the Rothschild agent groomed in England prior to the Russian Revolution of 1917, with the funds to print the Iskra (Spark) newspaper in London. He was dispatched to the USA to rally Russian Jews against the American government, where he was hosted by Jacob Schiff, the banker with Kuhn Loeb bank, underwritten by the Rothschilds. There Schiff gave him $2 million (worth billions today) to finance a revolution in Russia, then engaged in World War I. The underlying purpose was to pull the Russian Army out of the war to ensure a victory for Kaiser Wilhelm II, whose was indebted to the Rothschilds who also tried to save their investments in the German chemical industry and armaments production. Thus, with Jewish money Lenin rode the sealed train from Switzerland to the Finland Station in St. Petersburg to hijack the revolution and impose a dictatorship.

Once in control, the Soviets would invite the French Rothschilds to set up industries across resource-rich Russia. Trotsky, who is depicted in “Dr. Zhivago” as the cold-blooded fanatic on the armored train, pushed the concept of “permanent revolution” to eliminate traditional societies and replace them with Rothschild industrial enterprises, as had been done in the Opium Wars, converted Shanghai into a Jewish-owned industrial city.

After a falling out with Stalin, Trotsky fled to the U.S. and then Mexico, a tale immortalized in George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”. Trotsky’s other theoretical contribution, if you don’t want to deem it a crime, is the notion of radically changing the human mind to accept progressive collectivism, which was carried out at the New School of Social Research, and became fundamental tenet of the CIA MK-ULTRA mind-control program. Fortunately for human health, Leon was killed with an ice-ax by a Comintern agent in Mexico. The CWI has its origins in the port of Liverpool, which has a large Jewish population being the port of importation for cotton from the Confederacy and later from Egypt and the Punjab in India to supply the Rothschild-financed textile mills in nearby Lancashire. Liverpool had Britain’s once largest Jewish population (per capita) and a history of gang violence, including threats to burn down the city to force acceptance of the Balfour policy of support for a Jewish state.

The Beatles’ cutthroat manager Brian Epstein was a notorious Jewish mobster connected with he Jew owners of music clubs and recording studios back in those early years. Alex Jones and Steve Bannon made fools of themselves by endorsing the Trotskyite-led violent protests in Hong Kong, backing extremist leftism. I’ll have my contacts in that Trot movement send Jones and Bannon membership cards in the Fourth International in the Jewish left-wing. Do your research, because another sucker is born every day, as you two have proven. Rule One: Don’t taken in. Ms. Sawant the Trot is the closest ally of Dubai-financed gangster Solomon Raz Simone, so violence against the poor community, against the Black kulaks, Trotsky-style in service to the British Empire, is the order of their day at CHAZ, and therefore strong militia action is needed to oust these traitors and terrorists before a fool like Bill Gates offers them a seat on the board of Microsoft. BTW, Bill and Melinda are long-standing members of the Knights of the British Empire (KBE), aka agents of the British Crown. Seattle was a British colony and by killing kids with heroin and now by street violence, the Red Coats are back.

So the hour of the Minuteman is back, Seattle and Minneapolis are the next Lexington and Concord. Remember what Captain Parker said at Lexington and Concord on that fateful day of April 19, 1775 – “Stand your ground. Do not fire unless you are fired upon, but if they mean war, let it begin here.” End the Foreign Menace by Independence Day
All highways and airports and ferry ports need to be sealed for the upcoming operation to hose down the streets of CHAZ to remove filth and blood during these last weeks of the British COVID operation involving Team Obama’s research project at Bristol University in Britain, which I have exposed to the sunlight. Obama’s murderous crew miscalculated and killed off a lot of blacks and browns instead of the targeted whites and Asians. So the preparations for overthrow of the Constitution have failed due to amazing grace, so that the survivors of that planned epidemic can now stand and fight. Payback time is coming, and let’s hope loyal Americans band together regardless of race or creed to clear out these maniac terrorists and vile traitors and end the proven menace once and for all.

Any foreigners among the rioting gangs should be put into special detention until they confess which countries supported this invasion and rebellion, at which time they will be deported without harm. My suggestion is that the Fourth of July should be set as the final deadline for ending the siege of Seattle and Minneapolis, and removal by citizen’s arrest of city council members who advocated disloyalty to the Republic. Across America, either the police or National Guard, and in lieu of official enforcement, local-based militia should begin the citywide sweeps to arrest and detain those involved in rebellion and looting to serve sentences inside hard-labor work camps if a shortage of prison cells cannot accommodate them. It is high time to read the Riot Act. Civil liberties should be restored immediately after the subversive threat is quelled, and an extra day be granted for the Labor Day weekend for community celebrations of equality for all. Let’s show these enemies what racial equality is about in a free sovereign society.

At noon on Independence Day, the American flag should be raised over both city centers and anyone who takes a knee or fails to sing the anthem should be packed off to a special training session for a Civics 101 catch-up course or be stripped of their citizenship and be packed off either to foreign exile or a hard-labor holiday. American citizenship guarantees freedom but it also demands responsible voluntary action by each individual for the common good. As stated in the concluding remarks of the Declaration of Independence “with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.” We are all Minutemen.


Keep in mind, 5G technology is an important component in their genocidal plans. When your loved ones are injected with the bioweapon concoction called a vaccine, they will also get a dose of harmful virus and bio wastes hiding in Charles Lieber’s nanotubes that can be “opened” with the correct frequency emanating from a nearby 5G tower. We are very concerned for our British patriots because of the deadly combination of 5G and AstraZeneca, a genocide project on British citizens.

Downing Street plans new 5G club of democracies

D from Edmonton on June 22, 2020 at 2:16 pm Reply

The Pandemic Illusion and Global Governance – Read this 13 page document to further understand the Covid-19 hoax.

thedoc00 posts:

This contact tracing effort is likely the next major danger in any democrat controlled are national down to municipal. Even people without a phone and who live in tent with no electricity are at risk of being apprehended and “quarantined” as well as having social services take your kids. If you end up on an infected or quarantined person’s contact list, an APB goes out for your apprehension as needing to be quarantined.

OPTing or IN or OUT of any Trace APP on any I/T services makes no difference. If you show up on somebody else’s contact list, you are targeted. That is the danger of the whole thing. This is an automated version of an old fashioned Military INTEL spider diagram, complete with threat and targeting assessments. You may never know you are on a list until the NO KNOCK bashes in your door.

This puts a digital 1933 Nazis neighborhood gaulieter right in the pocket of everybody with a phone (of any type), TV (of any type but Rabbit Ears) or computer. Next very easy step is to do tracing through the power grid and “new” home appliances.

genocide chart

FMR FBI COUNTERTERRORISM DIRECTOR: BLM & Democrat Party Are “Pushing For A Communist America”

BlackKnightRides says: June 22, 2020 at 9:12 am

Damn good thing we’ve been CLINGING to our BIBLES & GUNS
… the only things keeping America SAFE & SANE.

Dora says: June 22, 2020 at 9:37 am

Antifa Doc Reveals Organized Warfare Tactics in Siege of Police Precinct

Never underestimate your enemy.

The mainstream media would have us believe that the protests and riots that have swept the nation after the death of George Floyd are spontaneous demonstrations whose large turnouts validate the notion that the ideas they argue for— such as abolishing the police — are widely popular.

The average American does not have a full understanding of how much time and money it takes to pull off mass organization such as the one currently taking place. But at The New American, we have long reported on the vast amount of money and institutional resources being poured into Black Lives Matter and Antifa by global elites such as George Soros.

vikingmom says: June 22, 2020 at 11:03 am

It is well past time to publicly reveal whatever the heck is being held over John Roberts head in order to keep him “in line”…. If he had an ounce of self respect, he would simply admit that he was being blackmailed or bribed and would resign.

But, just like John McCain, and now Mitt Romney, he has decided to transfer the blame for his own failures and weaknesses to a hatred of the man who managed to succeed without selling his soul. John Roberts mind is so poisoned now that nothing matters to him except bringing down Donald Trump… But he doesn’t see that he is, in fact, destroying himself in the process!

JCM800 says: June 22, 2020 at 10:11 am

Unsurprisingly, this has helped foster a culture of impunity for law enforcement, with often absurd results. Just last year, qualified immunity was granted to Fresno officers accused of stealing more than $225,000 during a search, Idaho police who bombarded an innocent woman’s home with tear gas grenades, and a Georgia officer who tried to kill a family’s dog, but accidentally shot a 10-year-old boy instead, all on the grounds that the rights involved weren’t “clearly established.”

“This rule has sharply narrowed the situations in which police can be held liable—even for truly heinous rights violations—and it creates a disincentive to bringing cases in the first place,” Congressman Amash noted in his letter. “If a plaintiff knows there is no prior case that is identical to theirs, they may decline to even file a lawsuit because they are very unlikely to win.”

Ending qualified immunity, however, would “restore Americans’ ability to obtain relief when police officers violate their constitutionally secured rights,” he added. At the same time, it would also provide a powerful incentive for municipalities (who are generally responsible for paying out judgements and settlements) to restructure their law enforcement agencies and adopt policies and practices that curtail abuses of power. Those measures could include implementing de-escalation tactics and revising use-of-force standards, as well as firing and blacklisting rogue agents. “

Ukrainian Oligarch Alexander Onyshchenko and witness against Biden/Poroshenko organized crime in German hospital after alleged poisoning
This story is developing…news is breaking very fast…CDMedia will update as we receive…

UPDATE 6/22 0932
*****Since Youtube has blocked the press conference video, you will be able to see it on Bitchute shortly here…

Just weird. There is a formula they are following to stoke fear, I promise. these numbers have a psychological impact and creates an almost involuntary reaction. It’s bizarre, but this is part of the psyops. Just sayin.

Agreed. Not random. Not TRUE (they are clearly lying.) Not a coincidence.

They are, quite literally, casting a spell.

Fangdog says: June 22, 2020 at 11:14 am

After the Civil War not all Blacks wanted to be freed of slavery. I see the same psychology with many Blacks today. All these years the Blacks have been on the Democrat plantation for so long they have been conditioned to remain “slaves” on the Democrat plantation.

When you think about it today; There is zero reason a Black person would vote to remain a “slave”. It has been a “conditioning” process which even many non-Blacks have joined Blacks in sharing the the desire and plight for Communist Democrat slavery.

mandy says: June 22, 2020 at 11:15 am

“Men accused of vandalizing Black Lives Matter sign in Westlake Village work for sheriff, DA”

“Three Thousand Oaks men — including two who worked for local law enforcement agencies — were recently arrested on suspicion of vandalizing a Black Lives Matter sign in Westlake Village, authorities said.”

Yet it’s never wrong for BLM to destroy statues, businesses, etc….because they are never arrested. And if they are, they’re released en masse after the riot ends. Why would that be?

BLM is backed by our government at every level: federal, state, local…..

| CPAC Leader Warns ‘Statues of Jesus Are Next.’ Leftists Immediately Confirm His Concerns |

Seneca the Elder says: June 22, 2020 at 11:34 am

Daniel Horowitz writes that the Executive Branch has recourse against an out-of-control Judiciary. His argument is compelling because he denies the premise that the Court’s actions have any legitimacy. MUST READING by Team Trump:

Winston says: June 22, 2020 at 11:57 am

Spread this around. Let’s use scumbag Alinsky’s tactics of holding them to their own “standards” against them. If there was EVER a reason to change a name based upon the past, THIS is it:

CHANGE the name of New York state and city IMMEDIATELY!!!! Change ALL city and state documents to reflect the new name. ELIMINATE all references to the old name on ALL buildings and monuments. NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

APR 27, 2016
What was the Royal African Company?

Led by the king’s younger brother James, the Duke of York (later King James II), this group had a monopoly on British trade with West Africa, including gold, silver and SLAVES.


Locations in the United States with an English name

…for example, the largest city in the US, New York, was named after York because King Charles II gave the land to his brother, James, the Duke of York (later James II).


Royal African Company

It was established after Charles II gained the English throne in the Restoration of 1660. It soon developed and led a brutal and sustained slave trade.

presidents war

Indian Troops Given ‘Fire At Will’ Orders Against Chinese Troops If Threatened, Enraging Beijing

ʍʊֆǟֆɦɨ@BookOfFiveRings··QAnon and the Great AwakeningCompletely remove “coincidence” from your mind. Take a moment please…really do it…

Now please read these truths…:

-Trump campaigned on spanking China for manipulating currencies.

-Trump out-negotiates China putting America first.

-Trump threatens the Chinese drug manufacturing contracts.

-**Pompeo reveals that US Governors are “friendly” with China

-Biden’s son is at the center of a $1.5B investment from a Chinese firm.

-US University professors are arrested for cavorting with Chinese spies.

-Diane Feinstein’s 20-year assistant is caught as a Chinese spy.

-Trump then de-funds *UN organizations and programs because he knows they’re corrupted.


-China releases a virus in the US…collapsing the economy, the moral and social norms of America.

-The *UN-backed WHO first claims COVID isn’t contagious, then claims it is, then claims it isn’t again, then finally settles on “it is”

-The media and Democrats go on a MASSIVE “COVID WILL KILL YOU” campaign.

-Democrats and the US media go on pro-Chinese/protect China campaign.


-We find out the COVID test kits are tainted/corrupted.

-We find out that doctors are diagnosing COVID without testing.

-We find out that fake nurses are telling fake stories

-We find the media is staging protest photo ops.

-We find out that countries are submitting fake COVID cases (Brazil faked 5000 cases)

-We find out that the death rate of COVID is far lower than originally reported

-**Governors are – without a shred of common sense – still destroying their own economies by imposing strict social distancing rules


-The media and Democrats exploit a single edge case to destroy the law enforcement apparatus of our country.

-Mayors under **Governors closing down their states are in support of “autonomous zones” and de-funding the police.

-Anarchists are doing everything they can to destroy the country by burning cities, tearing down statues and forcing the resignations of entire police forces with the excuse being “white people are destroying the country”.

Who do you think is sitting back believing they are winning now? Do you really think US intelligence doesn’t understand what’s happening? Do you really think China is going to get away with this? Remember: 1 second before Japan was obliterated, they thought they were getting away with it too. It’s only a matter of time.

Hearts and cities on fire@Heartiste·@DavisH@YoloHypeBeast@lovelymiss Mystery had tactics for creating an impression of preselection (aka pre-existing fame). 1. Peacocking (which would cause women to shit test him, giving him an opportunity to demonstrate indifference to their alpha filtering bantz). 2. Social Proof (flirting with the target’s friends, etc) 3. Disqualification (flipping the chaser-chasee script).

Trump does all these things (or used to), and it’s one reason why he shocked the world to win the presidency. But Trump lost his mojo after he got “the one” (the presidency) and forgot about his old winning ways.

Another, better Trump can come along. He will have Trump’s charisma, plus something Trump doesn’t have…righteous fury.

CABAL TROLL on News Briefs – 06/21/2020I have a hard time reading things like this. The cognitive dissonance just blows me away. On the one hand, Osweda understands what is going on perfectly. The Democrats are explicitly destroying law and order in the USA. The vast majority of normal people do not support CHAZ/CHOP and the burning of American cities. Eventually (and eventually is not that far off, because everyone is so r) this stress will lead people to demand their government fix the problem. Trump will be reelected and drop the hammer on BLM. On the other hand, Osweda is totally failing to understand that this was the original plan. I mean, Machiavelli wrote about this 500 years ago. Cesare Borgia wanted to pacify the city of Romagna, so he sent his most insane, cruel lieutenant, Remirro De Orco, to terrorize them for a year. After that, he put De Orco’s head on a pike to pacify the citizens, who gratefully accepted the ‘normal’ tyrranny. It’s a literally a textbook play! So yes, Trump has this under control. The end result will be the continuation of the Kalergi plan (WWG1WGA, remember? Right into the multicultural multiracial melting pot!) and the reversion of the US to its original status as a British colony, rather like South America is today.

Sotiri Dimpinoudis@sotiridi·Yesterday more then 10 white people were stabbed with 3 of them died and 5 hospitalized, whom 2 of them still in critical condition, while others had only slash wounds what were treated on the scene at a park in #Reading the #UK. And no Black people cared…

Social Media Has An Unexpected Surprise Coming, Thanks To Trump
National Insiders ^ | June 22, 2020 | Staff

Posted on 6/22/2020, 12:27:31 PM by yoe

[snip] Don’t believe the pathetic mainstream media. What Trump accomplished in just his first term is staggering. I could fill an entire article going over the landmark achievements, but it would only scratch the surface. Trump slashed regulations and taxes. He’s appointed nearly 300 conservative federal judges. He’s negotiated new trade deals with Mexico, Canada, China and more. He’s reformed our prison system. And he’s ended our endless wars overseas (while defeating ISIS).

Again, that’s just for starters. When Trump leaves office at the end of his second term, we won’t recognize this country. For the better. He will dismantle the corrupt system that put globalists and the ruling elite ahead of regular Americans. He will “drain the swamp,” depriving corrupt politicians their ability to manipulate the system.

But there appears to be plenty more that Trump wants to accomplish. During a recent interview, he mentioned a major goal for his second term: ending social media censorship.

(Excerpt)

Police abuse! White lives matter
Liveleak ^

Posted on 6/22/2020, 8:24:04 AM by 7thOF7th

This video clearly shows police abuse on a non-combative white person by a black police officer. Why no riots or “white lives matter” protests? The officers used a total of three taser discharges and an illegal choke hold using a baton. This black officer must be brought up on charges! No justice no peace!

GB Bari says: June 22, 2020 at 4:48 pm

Hey if the man allowed the ignorant and one-sided Leftwing student group to cause him to resign, then good riddance. We don’t need weaklings who lack the strength of their convictions to stand up and articulate why our cause is right and the students are flat out wrong.

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