You are here- part 2- 6-18-20

The Postmodern War on America

United Nations Now Muscling In on U.S. Police Reform

Dutchman says: June 18, 2020 at 12:35 pm

I believe its time for us to acknowledge, WE’VE BEEN HAD!
Specifically, the oft repeated notion regarding the filling of Federal Judiciary with “Conservative” Judges.

Its yet another “Con”, and we have fallen for it, hook, line and sinker.

Firstly, the idea that McConnell is “helping” PDJT, by pushing through Democrat obstruction, to fill these positions: McConnell, through action and inaction has consistently obstructed PDJT’s MAGA agenda, at every turn.

Anything PDJT has accomplished, has been in spite of McConnell. Refusing to recess, blocking PDJT being able to make recess appointments, and as Ratcliffe’s first nomination illustrates, perverting “advice and consent” into “you’ll nominate who we tell you can get confirmed, and we are only going to confirm those who will undermine you!”
The list of ways McConnell has undermine PDJT is long, and known to most treepers.

On the subject of these open Judiciary seats; McConnell has been Majority or Minority Republican leader of the Senate, for MANY years. So, along with Chuck Schumer, it is,THEY that share the responsibility for creating this situation of so many open seats.

By focusing so much of Senate confirmation activity on Judges, McConnell has effectively taken the focus of such activity off off confirming nominees to PDJT’s administration.

Recently, PDJT and Ag Secretary Sunny Purdue highlighted this, by pointing out a nominee for a crucial position in the Ag Dept, for dealing with effects of Whu-Flu on food supply, has been languishing for over TWO YEARS in the Senate Confirmation process.

And yet, we are supposed to take comfort that all these 200+ judgeships are being filled by “Conservative, originalist” judges,….like Gorsuch and Roberts, you mean?

Put it all together, my conclusion is we have been had. Rather than secure the Judiciary for the next 40-50 years by putting in Scalia types, the enemy has filled the Judiciary with Roberts and Gorsuch types (somebody prove me wrong, PLEASE!)

In 1965, when Congress wrote legislation prohibiting descrimination in employment on the basis of sex, they MEANT to include “transgenders”, even though nobody knew what a transgender WAS in 1965? PUHLEASE!

Now, McConnells “push” to fill as many federal Judgeships as possible, as fast as possible, makes sense.

IMHO, We have been HAD!

“China develops weapons to fry US electric grid, eyes high-tech ‘Pearl Harbor’ attack”

Dems are trying to create a National Police force:

Biden came out of his basement! With a turnout like this Trump must be worried…

Gaetz Calls on ATF to Cease Plans Restricting Arm Brace Usage: more under the radar gun control

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