You Are Here 6-18-20

The precedent is being set for nullifying a justifiable use of lethal force / self defense argument. This is very dangerous as they escalate attacks on white suburbia.

It’s an insanely ingenious plan and it is in full-go operation.

They are not fucking around. They are playing to win – all the marbles- winner takes all- no dissent allowed. This means we will all be shipped off to reeducation camps and gulags or just marked for extermination.

They are never going to allow a patriot like Trump a chance to rise again. We are literally in a final showdown.

The Generals coming out against Trump recently is disturbingly ominous. Like VDH said, it is literally unprecedented in our nation’s history.

This shit is going to escalate. They have their foothold for a color revolution and they are not going to stop until forced to do so. And we can see how willing the so called “white-hats” are to do anything about our country being raped and pillaged.

This is the dystopian nightmare of Huxley and Orwell and it is at our doorstep.

[3:59 PM, 6/17/2020] J: Yes. These are planned events to do exactly what you said. There is a firewall and that is 50 million armed patriots who refuse to give up weapons and will fight. But they are instigating and resorting to Islamic like martyrdom in order to tighten the boa constrictors grip. It’s a real deal fight we have on our hands.

Yeah, it is time to sound a real physical danger alarm. If you understand how coups and bloody revolutions occur we are there. Anywhere anytime everyone and everything is fair game.

[4:01 PM, 6/17/2020] J: There is something to this though: either the police will get involved or they will not. If they do not At that point we have only the leftist terror tactics to fear and not necessarily arrest.

[4:02 PM, 6/17/2020] J: If they don’t stand down then they’ll have to assert themselves. ATL police are starting to resign I’ve heard by the dozens.

[4:03 PM, 6/17/2020] d: Dude they are making white conservative suburbanites lower class citizens who must kneel or be pillaged without recourse. They are going to replace these police who may be somewhat principled to their oath with commie thugs with a badge.

Just some white privilege:

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