Mid Day Discussion 6-17-20

IG Farben – ICI – AstraZenaca Gear Up for Mass Global Vaccination Extermination

From explosives and gas chamber Zyklon-B to Pirbright coronaviruses and 5G urban extermination microwave ovens, these companies have been in business to do one thing – GLOBAL GENOCIDE.

When they failed to exterminate enough undesirables in WWII, they modified their plans and started their evil plan of mass vaccinations filled with bioweapons to kill humanity. These are very evil people, patriots. Look at the proof we have been showing you.

IG Farben is a name you should know from your trips to the Holocaust museum. Over time, Farben morphed into other companies, some named below…but their mission is still the same –


You want to know who is behind all of this? Examine the corporate rosters, actual history from congressional records and other authentic sources, and family trees of the ruling families….and you will find that all roads lead to the Rothschilds, who have been hiding behind the Queen and the Holocaust/Jewish narrative as their protection.

SCOTUS’s Transgender Ruling Firebombs The Constitution

nuremburg code

Ian56 points out: A problem for Bill Gates, Fauci and Matt Hancock. Mandatory Vaccines are a Direct Violation of the Nuremberg Code. Medical Intervention can only be carried out with the express prior informed consent of the person concerned.

nuremberg code text

The Federal Reserve Has Its Own Police and Is Part of a Vast Surveillance Center

Defense contractor admits to providing defective steel for US Navy submarine hulls for 20 years. Former Director of Metallurgy indicted for falsifying steel quality test results.

Yeah sports airheads. I don’t think I’m watching any football this year. If there’s a season. everyone is an absolute airheaded coward.

He’s getting eviscerated in the comments. Pathetic.

I think the whole thing was a setup. Sports are beyond dead, they are all virtue signaling for evil. Tragic destruction of everything Americana.

The case against singing “The Eyes of Texas”

Pathetic pandering. The libshits and cuckservatives will destroy every tradition and heritage rooted in American values. We have been invaded and occupied by a mind virus of Marxism and it has infected everything.

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