Evening Discussion 6-16-20

Neil Gorsuch – Suborning Treason?

Was U.S. Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch compromised as he was wined and dined in London, October 17-21, 2017 by Lord Jacob Rothschild (Pilgrims Society) at the American Academy of Achievement ego-fest awards in London and Oxford?

Unfortunately he will probably be charged for daring to defend himself from the commie thugs.

Big Bubba says: June 16, 2020 at 4:33 pm

Cops lost all respect from me when they become willing enforcers of draconian stay-at-home orders so they get no sympathy from me. But like all issues that are clearly not black or white (no pun intended there) – if we are really at a point in our country when the President of the United States needs to stop what he is doing and address the latest manufactured grievance from the cultural rot of the left then all hope is lost. I disagree with Trump on this. He should have said democrats ruin black lives and have for the entirety of their existence. They enslaved blacks, fought against their freedom, assassinated their emancipator, corrupted the legal system via Jim Crow, then relegated them to rot in urban ghettos! Just say it and get it over with.

The issue isn’t with policing in this country. The issue is with leftist ideology that doesn’t believe blacks can do anything, achieve anything, or succeed at anything without the special accommodations or assistance from the government. Now that sounds like institutionalized racism to me.


Stocks Soar On Report Trump Planning Trillion-Dollar Infrastructure Stimulus

Doctors can still prescribe HCQ to patients, says U.S. Health Secretary

Inquiry from a black conservative– Vox Day answers a black conservatives questions. Very interesting perspective:

If possible I’d especially like to to see how you conclude

1) The biblical language of a nation/tribe is specific to race, (From my understanding you in ancient worlds you belonged to any tribe your father was from) and how you come to apply that perspective to the modern state of living.

2) That race or genetics will always overcome culture.

3) Judging someone by the content of their character is a lie. What bothered me about this argument is how I am supposed to intellectually accept your argument under the condition that I don’t judge you by you, but by your race, which I should theoretically believe I can’t harmonize with in the same country.

4) You can intellectually avoid an angle of pure racial superiority under that position

Finally I do not know if you have a solution to the vibrancy problem but if you do I’d like to see it. I find that even if I were to be convinced of your position and (honestly I suppose I’d have to take it in a Malcom X separatism type of way) I have no inclination to leave the United States and there is no logical reason to believe Africans would welcome a mass of African Americans as a native son as any persons of slavic descent would be welcomed in Eastern Europe after generations of separation from the “motherland”.

I don’t know that I’ve ever addressed the matter in comprehensive detail, given that it is of little interest to me due to its complete obviousness, but I can certainly answer the specific questions:

  1. The Biblical language incorporates race because it is specific to nations and tribes, and both nations and tribes are subsets of race. Logic dictates, by the transitive law, that any language that applies to the distinctions of tribes or nations must also apply to the broader sets of races. Furthermore, in a sense of the word that is much older than the “racist” context, race literally means nation. Examples: the German race, the Japanese race, the American race.
  2. Genetics will always overcome culture over time because genetics cannot be educated or easily altered and remain virtually identical from generation to generation. This is why the so-called “destruction of the Black family” so beloved of conservatives is actually an observable disproof of the false conservative perspective on race since the cause of this “destruction” is not the Great Society or the welfare state, it is simply a people returning to their preferred cultural model now that they are no longer being forced, by the constant threat of racial violence, to live according to the oppressive culture norms of their enslavers. Africa wins again.
  3. You can’t judge me at all. You don’t have the right or the necessary information. And vice-versa: I can’t judge you. But what we both can and will inevitably do is make decisions based on the probabilities that are derived from personal experience and relevant statistical knowledge we possess. That’s all that anyone can ever do. Don’t confuse rhetoric for reality.
  4. First, there is no objective “pure racial superiority” in the general sense. Second, there is average racial superiority in every single honest comparison of two or more races. There is no contradiction there, it simply means that the average superiority of one race versus another completely depends upon the metric selected, be it subjective or objective. What likely triggers you is the fact that the metrics you appear to have chosen tend to indicate your perception of the inferiority of your own race. But why permit yourself to be triggered in this way? I am not bothered by the fact that the average IQ of the American Indian is estimated to be around 87 because I am not average. Neither it appears, are you.

There is only one solution to what you describe as the vibrancy problem, and it is the Biblical one as well as the one that has been forced upon many of my people: to each nation and tribe their own land, their own laws, and their own culture. Anything else means war, sooner or later, as each group seeks to impose their own cultural preferences on the other. Remove Proximity from the war equation and there will be peace between the various races, nations, and tribes.

But since we live in a fallen world there will always be those who seek to impose themselves and their ways on others, which means there will always be war. And because we live in a time when Proximity is virtually ubiquitous, we live in a time of war.

Interesting comments from the article:

16. VDJune 16, 2020 8:13 AM

Vox, everything you posit here is the opposite of what it is to be an American.

You have no idea what it is to be an American. Because you’re not an American.

I speak from personal experience. I am of Hispanic ancestry, born here (first generation native born as my parents came from the caribbean) and saw first hand in my early youth how we were all (INSERT MOST IMPORTANT ETHNICITY HERE)-American.

See? You’re not an American. And you never will be. You repeat the lies of earlier immigrants in order to falsely elevate your status. You’re no more an American than I am an Italian; you are confusing state paperwork with nationality.

17. VDJune 16, 2020 8:17 AM

And this is the only country in the world where that happens.

That’s the point: it doesn’t happen here. It is an absolute fiction. And this is why the USA is more likely than not to play host to the most violent and lethal war the world has ever seen in its history.

I suggest that rather than recite more civnattery dogma, you ask yourself this question: if what you believe is true, then why was the very elite that engineered the present situation planning to evacuate to China?

From Anonymous Conservative about those irredeemably infected with the commie virus:

We all know the final truth – there is no living with these people. They don’t want the American values inherent to our nation. They are traitors who would rather destroy the country than let it continue in freedom. But there is a problem. They have citizenship, and the rights granted them by the very Constitution they  hate prevent us from killing them, or expelling them, or even stopping them from betraying the nation’s fundamental values and its people. So we are caught. Except we are not. Trump could order the Police to round them all up, order the Border Patrol to ship them off and drop them at a small airfield in Somalia, and order Federal Law Enforcement to ignore any court orders regarding repatriating them. He could even probably have contractors kill them, or just publicly list them and give the call to his supporters to take care of it. But we all have to be at a certain point for that to happen that way, and for everyone to disregard things like court orders from leftist judges and so forth. Our side has to be pissed, and pushed to the brink.

Suppose that is what Q means by “this is not another four year election.” What he is saying to the left is, we are dealing with you motherfuckers now, once and for all, in permanent fashion, so we will never have to deal with you again, rather than doing just another four year election which gets us nowhere. Then, once you are all dealt with permanently and gone, however that happens, America can go forward as a united group of patriots who all believe in our Constitution and freedom and equality for all our citizens under the law.

But we have to get to a certain point to accept tearing the band-aid off that quickly and completely, regardless of the immediate pain. We have to be where we look out at what could be if we do that, and look back at what is right now, with the riots, the unrest, the racial bullshit, the cops under siege, our families in danger, our economies fucked, our highways blocked, our future untenable, our history being destroyed, and a bunch of whining traitors we can’t stand reveling in it all. Then at that moment, the people who really have the power, the cops, the feds, and the citizens who can choose to countenance their actions, no matter how crazy, will all be on the same page, and ready to say, what is about to happen isn’t another four year election.

stingaling says: June 16, 2020 at 6:44 pm

memo to Q, who (it is said) sometimes sees these comments:

You and the God-Emperor have been doing a fine job fighting the faceless minions of the Deep State lo these last 3.5 years now. Not going near far enough or moving fast enough for my personal taste, but… infinitely more than any 500 other pols would/did – and I’m including Reagan here, too. Every single DS’er hates you & is fighting you. every single mil officer above the rank of Colonel/Commander. Every single democrat. Every single republican. yet, magnificently, you fight them all.

but you’re losing.

it seems to me that one of the reasons you’re losing is y’all seem to have some kind of desire to have a perfectly-timed, perfectly-stage-managed “Storm:” evidently some kind of razzle-dazzle shitshow in which ALLLLL of the evildoers evil deeds are put in the spotlight; and then the scales fall from the eyes of a grateful nation and Peace & Prosperity reign, etc etc.

Presumably you want all this to happen just before the election.

well, even if you can pull this off in the next 140 days, it’s still not gonna be enough.

I call your attention to the great state of Iowa. Nice people, good corn, Field of Dreams, all that. 2 data points: 1) via ESPN, the baseball team of a Des Moines HS all took a knee during the playing of the nat’l anthem. Now, this is Des Moines, so presumably there were a few minorities among them, but it’s also Iowa, (and it’s baseball) so there weren’t many. Still, kneeling. 2) Today, the REPUBLICAN governor of IA announced she’s gonna do an EO restoring the voting rights of felons – who, as we all know, are all thoughtful, issue-oriented voters. It’s at the Hill. They’re not doing this because they’re stupid: midwesterners are NOT stupid – they’re just naive. They’re doing it because THEY THINK IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO. Because YOU haven’t convinced them well enough it’s not.

This, in freakin’ IOWA.

This, after 3-and-a-half years of daily confirmation that the enemies of PDJT hate America & might be (literally) satanic.

That’s why you’re losing. You guys are still playing by Rules – against people who will stop at nothing. How naive is that? While it’s true you have made *some* gains – a couple dozen senior FBI assholes got fired – it’s not enough; and it’s not hurting the DS. Oh, you COULD hurt em – squeeze Halper, Mifsud, James Wolfe & the Awan brothers, for starters – but alas you’re…. NOT. (any word on the Weiner laptop, boys? no?)(anybody seen Ghislaine Maxwell lately?)(any word on that ongoing ‘How’d Epstein kill himself?’ investigation? no?)

You **know** Kelly, Mattis & Mcmaster are gonna do that CNN “Trump sucks!” special in September/October, right?

You **know** vote by mail will result in 289% democrat turnout, right?

You **know** DS ain’t gonna allow us to vote/litigate our way out of this, right? (nice work on Gorsuch, BTW. finding out the Founders were all about tranny rights! who knew???)

You **know** we won World War 2 in 3-and-a-half years, right? (pro tip: we didn’t out-nice em)

You **know** Don Jr & James Woods doing ‘sick burn!s’ on various twitter morons means nothing, right? That videos of ‘leftists being violent hypocrites!’ seem to have no effect on Iowans, right?

Now go drop some fuckin bombs, Q. Not to convice ME: I’m on your side. Go convince the good people of Iowa. Start by crucifying their idiot lady governor….. THEN RELEASE THE WEINER LAPTOP CONTACTS LIST, round up EVERY LAST ONE of the epstein pedo rings, Shut down zuckerberg and @jack and the google stasi, and start filling up Gitmo. Take the damn gloves off, or you’re gonna screw around & lose the whole thing.

Y’all DO understand that whenever they get power next, they’re coming after YOU, right?

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