Atlanta police officer charged with murder

On tape the guy resisted arrest, grabbed the cop’s taser (a potentially deadly weapon if used to subdue the cop and then take his gun), and was justifiably shot in self defense… Obviously are over-charging so he will be acquitted and the city will burn.

WTF are we going to do about this dissent into a communist hellscape?


I don’t care if you look like a totalitarian. More than half the country wouldn’t care.

Yeah, at this point the ship has sailed on “Must bend over backwards to not look authoritarian, or they’ll call me Hitler.” The country is teetering on the edge of oblivion, about to plummet into the abyss full-blown communism, the black hole so deep nothing can escape. The Constitution and Supreme Court mean virtually nothing any more, the way the insane democrats get to have their way, with everything, at every turn, and never get the slightest blowback, let alone a prison term.

I would not have the slightest problem, in fact I’d be too giddy to sleep for a week, if Trump were to declare a national state of emergency because of the Congress and WHO conspiring to collapse the economy; and simply TAKE. FUCKING. CHARGE. And then when he’s done, it’s Don Jr’s opportunity to continue the rescue and rebuild of the last bastion of freedom on this planet. Sorry, if we can have our First Amendment canceled as it has been, all bets are off.

The dominant powers that be (democrats, although they control neither the Senate nor Presidency) have determined the course of action:

a. Take away your lawful guns, placing you in serious danger

b. Defund and disband the police, placing you in serious danger

c. Let murderers, rapists, and other violent criminals out of prison, placing you in serious danger

d. No islamic supremacist will be punished for violent acts of hate, placing you in serious danger

e. Get rid of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, so illegal alien criminals can come in, commit crimes, and vote in our elections—FOR DEMOCRATS—placing you in serious danger

Fuck it, I don’t want to live in constant serious danger.

He’s already accused of it everyday, so LET’S LET TRUMP BE DICTATOR ALREADY. Lots of people won’t like it. Tough. Let them cry. Lots MORE people including me don’t like the hideous bullshit we’re being force-fed today, that we have no rights.

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