Conservatism has conserved nothing

The denial to hear the 2A cases is probably the most egregious ‘non-action’ taken today.

Some commentary from the article:

53. UnknownJune 15, 2020 9:05 PM

Conservatives are just liberals doing the speed limit. How long until conservatives are burning down buildings and beating whites for justice? What a joke.

55. Colonel BlimpJune 15, 2020 9:25 PM

All I can say positive from this continuing utter embarrassment of a countrty is i hope people truly realize how badass Clarence Thomas is. Gets shit on by his own kind, liberals mock him constantly, and yet he can’t even get support from the conservatives that desperately need him even with what is supposed to be a stacked deck. If he retired tomorrow I wouldn’t blame him.

56. Paradise LostJune 15, 2020 9:33 PM

Wondering how many Justices got ensnared in Epstein’s honey trap? Roberts has always been a suspect since Obamacare.

58. Damelon BrinnJune 15, 2020 9:56 PM

That poor bastard Thomas

It’s funny that he’s the closest thing we have to a strict constitutionalist across the board. That can’t have been what Bush expected when he nominated him. Being black and hated by his own people, and having already been through the gauntlet of sexual harassment accusations, must have left him long ago with zero fucks to give.

61. AkulkisJune 15, 2020 10:26 PM

>> OK. So why bother to vote in Nov.?

You’re right, Jack Ward. Just concede now. Wander off into the corner and off yourself.

Either you’re going to fight or you aren’t.

If you can’t even bother to vote, then why should we think you’re motivated to to anything else.

Ever since I was a child starting kindergarten, I realized we were headed for a civil war. I got my education, and then joined National Guard unit… stayed in the Guard until I became too old to keep up with front line units, and switched to the Reserves.

Why? Because this way, the government is training me, as the equipment evolves, so does my training. I understand the strengths and weaknesses of what we have, and what we used to have (much of which now in civilian hands if it isn’t secure communications equipment or weaponry). [Protip — the best red-dot sights out there are the ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Group) made by Trijicon with a fiber optic light collection system to automatically adjust the brightness of the red dot to ambient conditions. The only time it doesn’t work well is if you’re in a dark place and you’re shooting at someone in a brightly lit area.

I’ve stayed for coming up on 31 years now.
I’ve put my civilian life on hold multiple times to go overseas, for both training and for wartime deployments. Why? In preparation for the times like we are about to experience. Many might say that my time in Iraq was a waste, fighting for the deep state and conservatards. But most everyone I know who went to Iraq and Afghanistan consider it to be something else — graduate studies in asymmetrical and 4th generation warfare. Returning home alive is part of the course.

The day is near when I can & will apply the lessons.

The least you can do is get off your lazy ass and vote.

65. Robert CobleJune 15, 2020 11:08 PM

I just finished reading Sydney Powell’s book Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice, published in 2014.

Powell documents the systemic prosecutorial corruption and misconduct involved in the Sen. Ted Stevens case and the Enron case (with the subsequent destruction of Arthur Anderson, Merrill-Lynch and other companies caught in the government’s web of lies). Recall that a certain judge named Emmett Sullivan was “outraged” by the prosecution team during the Stevens case, which was eventually tossed by the Supreme Court – but not before Stevens was hounded out of office. In all of those cases, THERE WAS NO ACTUAL CRIME. The prosecutors LIED repeatedly in court under oath, modified documents, failed to produce exculpatory evidence and threatened potential defense witnesses with indictments (for “process crimes” such as lying to the FBI) if they testified for the defense – and the judges refused to even consider any corroborating documentation (made by the prosecutors themselves) by the defense. (Does that sound similiar to the legal events of the last three years?!?) Judge Sullivan was lauded by Powell as someone with integrity – at least up until her book was published; I wonder how she “feels” now with Judge Sullivan’s bizarre antics in the Gen. Michael Flynn case to dismiss.

The most corrupt government prosecutors in all these cases have been advanced to the highest levels in the government or lucrative “revolving door” appointments at prestigious law firms, including people like Andrew Weissmann (Mueller’s “pit bull”) and Elena Kagan, the Obama Solicitor General in 2009, elevated to the Supreme Court in 2010.

I knew that there was corruption in all branches and at all levels of the government (having been on the receiving end of it in a relatively few minor matters), but I had no idea it was this pervasive and blatant, especially in the judiciary. I was naive, assuming that the majority within government were NOT corrupted.

After spending 10 years working in Security and going to General District Court on numerous occasions as a witness to crimes, I’m no longer naive. IT STINKS AT ALL LEVELS!

The working hypothesis here is usually that the people at the highest levels of government have some sort of hidden sexual improprieties being held over their heads to blackmail them. It is just as probable to me that most of them have some sort of legal misconduct (either in their early career or currently) that is being used to control them. Perhaps it is both; Epstein had a lot of “grease” at the highest levels of government – at least until it became “expedient” to silence him.

76. RetrenchedJune 16, 2020 2:41 AM

Why the hell do Dems spend so much time and money trying to stop GOP judges from getting confirmed when they just vote with them in the end anyway?

77. mapJune 16, 2020 3:25 AM

Hmmm…Let’s think about this for a moment.

Not granting cert on the gun rights issue may have prevented a disastrous over-turning of Heller. Roberts did not grant cert because he likes what the lower courts are doing and Gorsuch did not because he could not risk that Roberts’ betrayal would lead to Heller being overturned.

The Texas death penalty is interesting…but…we have seen how prosecutors behave and what law enforcement does in practice. This is probably not too big a deal.

California sanctuary law is safe for now, but is probably a tabled issue until other matters are dealt with first. Besides, Covid and rioting is muting the effects of the sanctuary law anyway.

The big “loss” is gay and transgendered rights, but this is going to lead to vast sharpening of the conflict within the Left anyway.

Yes, these are huge losses to a conservatard, or anyone who was expecting a quick victory through a captured social institution. No such luck, but there is no reason for despair. Just push on.

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